6th Annual 3dmm.com Awards 2004
Directed by: 3dmmers United
Released: July 2005
Preview This huge awards movie presented by '3dmmers United' had some huge flaws but it is still extremely well put together and presented even more like a real awards ceremony then the 2003 awards show. This is the first awards movie done in v3dmm, this may change alot of things for the next awards as nearly all the movies released this year are v3dmm-created. Nevertheless this was a splendid show presented by different '3dmm celebrities' including Tuna Hematona, Denny Betterman, HMC and Pogo. As well as starring other members of the 3dmmers United team and having some brilliantly made skits including 'Talking And Tampering' by Ned Carlson which is brilliant (and not just because I'm mentioned in it), and 'Why Doughboy Went Completely Nuts And Acted Like An Idiot', by HMC. Yes there are some great jokes that people from the community would only really understand and some brilliant scenery not only in the 2004 nominees, but for the actual awards movie itself; HMCs an absolute genius at constructing scenery, he really is! The nominee clips were compiled and presented brilliantly. From the moment the first nomination clip rolls the movie really picks up. As well as having funny skits and brilliantly presented awards there is also has a tear jerking tribute to everybodys 3dmm idol Redwampa. This gives this awards movie a real 'zing' before Denny presents the 'Best Movie of 2004'. It is obvious 3dmmers United put in alot of hard work to get this out, and they did a very good job considering the daunting task. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
6th Annual 3dmm.com Awards 2004 [37.80 MB]