Genetisis, The
Directed by: Aaron Brennan
Released: November 2000
Preview Another very good effort from someone new to the 3dmm scene, this tells the story of a genetist who develops a powerful serum and sets off a chain of events which leads to the serum being consumed by a little baby who then finds he has superhuman powers. Of course, the bad guys come after him. For work by a newbie, the exclusive use of handmade scenes is good and Aaron uses some interesting camera angles such as a bird's eye view as someone falls - I also like when you see through the baby's eyes as he moves through the air towards the baddies in a flying kick with the leg out in front and all. The appearances of BANG , THUMP and the like with the sound effects are hilarious and reminded me of the old Batman television show and gave it a rather comic feel. Now every newbie work has an area where it lets down the movie as a whole: in this case, it is the inclusion of MIDIs. I hate them. Often they make the dialogue hard to hear and even on a 16-bit soundcard, they sound very cheesy. For Aaron, I turned them some down so the dialogue could be heard. But hopefully Aaron will use WAVs in the future for his music. Still, this is the one weakness of the movie. Yes, the plot isn't that flash but it does the job and Aaron shows much promise as a newbie. I'm looking forward to seeing more work from this director as he develops his skills.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Genetisis, The [1.97 MB]