5th Annual 3dmm.com Awards 2003
Directed by: Demented Ferret
Released: September 2004
Preview A different layout this time round, somewhat differing from the 2002 awards, and presented like a real awards ceremony with Beast as the host. Unfortunatley unfinished, this years awards movie is incomplete and as a result, not all the awards are presented. Luckily the main ones were done, mind. Best Action, Drama, Writer, Director and Movie fortunately all make an appearance. There were more though and it's alot longer then it sounds. The awards were presented extremely professionally and nominations clips were compiled expertly. I found Beast's yapping a little tiresome after a while and just wanted to get to the juicy stuff. Overall, this was very nicely put together and well worth the hefty download if you want to see what the best movies of 2003 were. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
5th Annual 3dmm.com Awards 2003 [20.68 MB]
BAM! 4
Directed by: Demented Ferret
Released: September 2002
Preview A painfully bad addition to the series here. I am ashamed to put this up as it is that bad. The only good thing about it is the logo at the start. Oh and it's very short.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
BAM! 4 [14 KB]
BAM! 5
Directed by: Demented Ferret
Released: September 2002
Preview A much better one here from Demented Ferret with a funny fight between the two characters. I laughed at this one and the animation aint too bad either.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
BAM! 5 [37 KB]
Mean Bread
Directed by: Demented Ferret, Russ Stepan
Released: August 2005
Preview This FF has really started with a bang! The third movie of the Festival is this wonderfully hilarious movie from Ferret and Russ, about a hard-ass piece of bread and the struggles he faces through life. The comedy aspects are very funny, especially all the YTMND references. The use of v3dmm is fucking excellent, all the characters are textures and this leads to a 3dmm movie that actually looks like an animated cartoon. The scenery is bland in most places but works towards the style of the movie, the animation was great, and the voices were damn funny, Russ as Mean Bread truly shining. Overall, this is the best short of 2005 so far, a hilarious cartoon that shows off not only the wonders of v3dmm, but of Ferret and Russ when they collabarate. Let's hope the Mean Bread full-length gets released some time. Review by Tom Bown.

A thoroughly funny comedy, Mean Bread’s Totally Bitchin’ Adventure of stinky doom is both a demonstration of v3dmm skills and the comedy of Russ Stepan and Demented Ferret, which is apparently his real name. Though it tends to look more like a Flash cartoon than 3dmm at times, the fact that it is funny in a comedic rather than a slapstick sense is refreshing and welcome. The story involves a piece of toast who has an anger management problem. He breaks his alarm clock and is forced to go to the store to get another one, which sets off a chain of events that set the plot in motion. Though a little unclear in the middle, the plot contains many opportunities for comedy, which it never fails to exploit. The presentation is smooth and clean, with a cinematic camera that better fits the mood than the handheld look would have. Camera work is done in moderation, making it a pleasing experience to watch. The visuals have much of the appeal and almost all of the problems with the film. V3dmm is the name of the game here, and Ferret and Stepan have poured many resources into giving it a fresh, original look. The main characters are custom textures on flat tiles, which has mixed benefit. In one way it is thoroughly original, allowing hand-drawn characters into 3dmm for the first time. However, these characters tend to look more like simple sprites than actual 3d characters. The cell-shaded look of the film benefits from this style, but at times these sprites became distorted, muddying up the look a bit. The sound is very well done. The voices were excellent. Many were done by Stepan (Mean Bread did sound quite Colombian at times…) as well as other members of the community to great effect. The music also augmented the film, with tracks ranging from the Beatles to one very exaggerated scream. It all pulls together to bring a fresh and honestly comedic film into the community with a fiercely new style and great energy. This is a highly recommended download. Review by Andrew Salter.

The highly anticipated movie by Russ and Ferret is here, and the wait was worth it. This movie was fabulous! It has an original and hilarious plot about a piece of flying toast with an anger problem who lost his eyebrow and means of dexterity; he sets forth upon a 'truly bitchin' adventure' to get it back. For many reasons I kept thinking this was a Flash movie because of it's 'flat' 2D look - even the animation looks like something you'd expect to see in Flash. The reason it's like this? Because of v3dmm - it really does make the movie. This movie is pure gold and truely shows what you can do with v3dmm. Here's to a sequal! A must download. Review by Ben Rice.

Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Mean Bread [6.84 MB]
Shnukkums - Face
Directed by: Demented Ferret
Released: August 2004
Preview There is no point to this movie whatsoever. Something about a rabbit HMC that has a star flying round it's face. Erm, the rabbit doesn't move whatsoever and a dog helps the rabbit by seeking someone called Dr Poo Poo. Download and this movie will bore you to death before it even finishes. I struggled to watch it all the way through and it was only about one and a half minutes long. Utter cack, even for a joke'ish type flick.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Shnukkums - Face [411 KB]