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Litterbug 1
Directed by: Jimmy Pozin
Released: January 1999
Preview The plot: a man litters in a park, kills a kid and things go bad... very bad! The action and violence is really extreme! The music was pretty average. But the action was really good. The animation was very well done and the gore is pretty detailed (for its time). A great film here. Highly Recommended. Download!
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Litterbug 1 [2.81 MB]
Litterbug 2
Directed by: Jimmy Pozin
Released: September 2002
Preview The simply stunning sequel to Litterbug. This is much improved over the last with better music, better action, and better animation. It works really well that you kinda get into it like some of the high adrenaline scenes in "The Matrix" (the real film). A highly recommended download, you simply MUST see this.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Litterbug 2 [7.79 MB]
Ragtag Group of Rebelz 2 Preview, A
Directed by: Jimmy Pozin
Released: October 2001
Preview This looks like a solid preview for the sequel to Jimmy's simply breathtaking Ragtag Group Of Rebels. It has me very excited, although the actual movie is overdue.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Ragtag Group of Rebelz 2 Preview, A [1.11 MB]
Ragtag Group of Rebelz DVD, A
Directed by: Jimmy Pozin
Released: September 2001
Preview Jimmy Pozin strikes again! This time his movie is about Arabs stealing the US's nerve gas, complete with incredible animation. Pozin always manages to push 3dmm to its limits, and he has made a great movie with awesome animation, some amazing scenery, and lots of detail. It isn't perfect, though. The voice acting is terrible, and sometimes there is an obvious lack of detail, which is very unlike Pozin. None of this really matters, however, and I recommend you download it now for a fun entertaining romp. This DVD edition also features previews, reviews, and lots of interesting features that make it a worthwhile download.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Ragtag Group of Rebelz DVD, A [30.66 MB]
World War III
Directed by: Jimmy Pozin
Released: May 1999
Preview Some nice scenes here, created by a young Jimmy Pozin. However the camera angles are well picked and the animation is fast and detailed, if slightly choppy in places. It's very unfinished, but just use it as an example of a good few scenes.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
World War III [415 KB]