Wall Teaser, The
Directed by: Peter Atencio
Released: March 2002
Preview Peter is a professional cinematographer, and this is his first attempt at a movie in 3dmm. The movie is very much plot driven, following a 16 year old girl called Manni, who enjoys walking the Berlin wall. It is on one such journey that he meets a lad called Elsa, who lives on the Western side. They become friends, and eventually fall in love. The wall is later attacked by a communist terrorist group and Elsa dies trying to protect Manni... or does he?! The story then evolves from there with a few neat twists, so the director informs us. This is only a teaser, so you'll have to wait until the movie is actually released to discover the full extent of the plot for yourselves, but this teaser indicates that it will be great. OK, so it uses customised default scenery, but the movie has a definite unique feel to it that bodies well for the movie.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Wall Teaser, The [793 KB]