Dragon in America
Directed by: Phil Pupa
Released: March 2000
Preview Possibly the greatest 3D movie of all time. This classic has lasted the test of time for more than 5 years and still has top notch animation and scenery. This movie is pure genius because the plot is well thought out and clever. Although slightly predictable in places this could easily be a real film. If you haven't seen this movie, then download it now as there is nothing like it. By the way, this movie is so good afterwards you'll not want to make 3D movies as you think your stuff looks rubbish in comparison. Way ahead of it's time; GET IT NOW!
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
Dragon in America [6.90 MB]
Geurilla Warfare (unfinished)
Directed by: Nathan Standlee, Phil Pupa
Released: July 2000
Preview What a brilliant movie. Granted it's completely unfinished, and only just 5 minutes long, but this movie reaks of cinematic goodness. Everything from the camera angles to the movement and plot, is perfect. I wish I could give it a higher plot but it doesn't have any voices, no good font at the beginning, and isn't long enough. This was created by two of the top directors of all time, and should not go missed. Download this now, and learn from it.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Geurilla Warfare (unfinished) [2.28 MB]