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Mech Short
Directed by: Steve Astill
Released: September 2000
Preview This is a really nicely animated piece of animation of a mech thumping along and what happens with it. It's very short but kind of takes me back to Adrian Pikios's mech in Myth. It'd be good if Steven did a full mech movie, I reckon it'd be sweet. Steven Astill displays his animating talents with his little mech warrior. Marvelous background scenes, but doesn't last long enough (a fact he is well aware of).
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Mech Short [474 KB]
Running Down of Cal Flavell, The
Directed by: Steve Astill
Released: October 2000
Preview Steve made this short hate movie about Cal as a one-day break from his long hate movie about Cal, hehe. Whether or not you think Cal is a dickhead or cool, legend or fool, you'll love the animation which simulates lighting very well adding to the atmosphere. The music also is well-suited and the voices are hilarious. If this was done in a day, Steve's longer movie'll
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Running Down of Cal Flavell, The [478 KB]