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3dmm Hotel Episode #0
Directed by: Tom Bown, Ryan Omega, Ben Rice
Released: August 2005
Preview I don't know if this was just me, but I didn't really think about the significance of the 'Episode #0' prefix attached to this movie. Anyone expecting a fully-fledged start to the series should get rid of the pretence immediately. This is mearly an introduction to the show - nothing short of a trailer. Written by Tom Town, '3dmm Hotel Episode #0' sets the stage for future instalments. Bown, Ben and Ryan Omega have decided upon opening a hotel in 3dmm town; much to the angst of a certain local. They arrive at the property only to find a derelict ruin. Un-flummoxed by the daunting take of renovation, the team quickly spruce the place up. There is some OK animation and the scenery was actually quite pretty - both as consistent as the other. On the whole, this introductory skit does set some fairly steady groundwork for the rest of the series to take upon, but I found the jokes, comedy and 'quirks' largely unfunny - sorry. I also didn't really get the point of including the silly DD-rip off ending, it just confused matters further. Review by Will Cheyney - 4/10.

A brief, hastily put together (or so it seems) pilot episode, 3dmm Hotel Zero stars Ben Rice and Ryan Omega who apparently are in possession of a hotel in 3dmm land which they have to spruce up. It doesn

Overall rating: 4/10 Download
3dmm Hotel Episode #0 [4.29 MB]
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #1
Directed by: Tom Bown
Released: March 2003
Preview An age-old 3dmm idea stands to make it's comeback. This is amongst a couple of new monthly 3dmm 'magazines' set to hit a screen near you. This is the first installment brought to you by Ryan and Tom. It's pretty solid attempt at making a 'current' movie, and it works reasonably well. However, I feel that it lacks a certain polish in a few too many places. Some parts are very well done, with great camera and composition. Other are slow, tedious and to be honest, a little thin on the ground. It's these 'bits-in-between' that ruin it. Looking at Explode Productions review for this movie, I feel the same way that they do. The show does need more interviews, more music, and newer stuff. Not all is bad news though (almost!). The exclusive trailers which have been included are very cool. Both 'Rayman' and 'PowerPlay 2', I think, are pretty good commodities. Bringing us back to the 'new' factor though, the 'D3mons preview' that was played was released some time before this movie. It's not a totally terrible start, but it isn't going to force you to download the next issue.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #1 [3.95 MB]
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #2
Directed by: Tom Bown
Released: April 2003
Preview In some respects, this is an all-round better deal than we got with the first installment, but, it still has a little way to go... The movie suffers from some of the same problems I picked up in the review for the first edition of this talk show/magazine/movie. Content is out of date! The trailers shown are old news - the JDR Revival trailer I know for a fact had been released before this movie hit the scene. I want to like this movie, I really do, but I just can't shake the feeling that I already know what I'm being told. Reiteration isn't always a good thing! If the guys secure some exclusive, new and unique content then they could be onto a winner. I guess they just need a bit of time to secure relationships with fellow 3dmm'ers in order to achieve this.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #2 [7.83 MB]
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #3
Directed by: Tom Bown
Released: May 2003
Preview You know what they say; third time lucky. Well, it looks as if the boys are finally pulling something together that's worth your bandwidth. Behold! Exclusive content makes it's debut in this months 'current' 3dmm'ing magazine! The boys have cut the crap and are just showing us what we want. NEW STUFF! This does mean that there is considerably less content this issue, and it is therefore over a lot quicker. The comedy is still a tad mediocre and all-in-all it isn't the most exciting movie in the world - but - it is steadily improving. Here's hoping for #4...
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #3 [1.82 MB]
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #4
Directed by: Tom Bown
Released: June 2004
Preview The fourth magazine in the series, this slightly less interesting portion of the magazines features an interview with Orcus for 'Moderately Confused', and the regular BB news. Plus, a little extra at the end, a pretty alright drama titled 'Angel' by Jacob Adams, which I believe saved this movie's skin.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #4 [3.51 MB]
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #5
Directed by: Tom Bown
Released: August 2004
Preview A much more spectacular edition of the monthly mag, this edition features trailers for 'Strom & Varick', the 'Story of Kah-Laious' and 'Charleston', as well as an interview with Frankie Weindel and the unfinished, scrapped version of HMC's 'Mario Saga 2'. A great episode guys, can't wait for next months!
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
3dmm United Monthly Magazine #5 [4.14 MB]
Christmas Rockerz! 2 - Death Hides A Shadow
Directed by: Tom Bown
Released: December 2004
Preview Winter Film Festival 2004 movie #3. A short, slightly overdone spoof/sequel to Red Scorpions movie 'Christmas Rockerz', furthering the adventures of Santa and Elf. As anyone who has watched 'Christmas Rockerz' will know, it was plagued by horrendous directing cock-ups such as constant scene dissolving, and terrible animation. Tom Bown has taken it upon himself to mimic Red Scorpion's 'style' in this semi-sequel piss take. The only real difference between the two movies is that Tom makes use of voice acting. There isn't much else I can say about this blatant joke movie other than to recommend it as a download if you are 'in' with the whole Red Scorpion ridiculousness rife on the Bulletin board. As I've made clear, this is a joke movie - deliberate crappyness ahoy! An unfinished fake preview for Christmas Rockerz! 3 - A Small Taste of Heaven is also included. Hehe.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Christmas Rockerz! 2 - Death Hides A Shadow [2.34 MB]
Directed by: Tom Bown, Pogo
Released: December 2004
Preview Ah, the phenomenon that is STEEL. Birthed from the mind of troubled 3dmmer Tarssuin and his alternate personality Red Scorpion, STEEL took the board by storm and a few months after the release of the original STEEL spoof (created by yours truly), Pogo and Bown release this fantastic plastic creation, that is not only a great comedy spoof flick in itself, but one of the first films to use v3dmm the way it should be used. Pogo's definitely renowned himself the title of Spoof King, with appropriate humor and sometimes even godlike camera movements in the spoof scot's latest gem. So if you're a fan of STEEL or spoofs (or even if you aren't) be sure to check this out. I guarantee a chuckle at least. Review by Will Bamber.

A good movie here with a straight forward storyline. The killer/great fighter, STEEL, gets into all sorts of wacky escapades in this spoof written by Tom Bown and directed by Pogo. Both of them have made a good piece of work here which I recommend everyone should see and enjoy. This movie is also the first 'big' 3dmm movie to make some excellent use of v3dmm, incorporating both custom models and textures. There is alot of explosive comedy, hilarious voice acting, cool scenery and slick camera movements. Excellent job guys! Review by Ben Rice.

Overall rating: 8/10 Download
STEEL [5.67 MB]
Very v3dmm Halloween, A
Directed by: Tom Bown
Released: October 2004
Preview Here we have a short by Thomas Bown. This is an example of how v3dmm shouldn't be used, just throwing in models for the sake of throwing them in. This movie presents us with a character we know nothing about, and learn nothing about. The character, who has no name, then tries to avoid expansions. You can tell that Thomas but little to no effort into this movie, and it should have never been released.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Very v3dmm Halloween, A [8.31 MB]
Directed by: Tom Bown
Released: August 2004
Preview This offering from the Film Festival comes from our very own Tom Bown! It's a slightly confusing 'drama' short apparently about the lives of two people after a shocking event occurs. I guess this is a fairly accurate description but I interpreted the story in slightly different way. As I saw it, the movie depicts the story of a father and a son who were obviously at some point in the past separated. The movie shows you both of the characters feelings and thoughts. The father feels extreme guilt and regret, whereas the son has a strong hatred for his father. He has convinced himself that his father deserted him (we aren't told the circumstances), to such an extent that he takes it upon himself to end his fathers life. It runs quite smoothly for the majority, but some parts are just a little too hazy. Tom's animation and directing skills have greatly improved and the overall 'build' quality of this is very good. Nice use of the expansion pack too. The accompanying, mood setting music was good, and all dialogue was handled through text. Overall, a nice attempt at what has proven to be one of the most challenging genres to attempt in 3dmm.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Veteran [807 KB]