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Directed by: Thierry Lacombe
Released: January 2001
Preview An old, but fairly infamous affair. The plot is pretty much non-existent despite it's word boxed intro, and it's just generally pretty weird. That said, the special effects in here were absolutely amazing or it's time and the earthquake sequences are probably still second to none. Classic stuff. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Earthquake [2.90 MB]
Echondria: Prologue
Directed by: Andrew Salter
Released: August 2005
Preview A little short to prepare us for Andrew's film "Echondria", it sets up the story and gets us ready for the full movie. Scenery-wise, it varies a little. Some scenes are very detailed, while others seem to be quite sparse. Animation is good, but the camera movement can be a little shaky. The voices were mostly very good, but the Ambassador's voice seemed kind of funny. However, the plot seems very interesting and sets the story up for lots of action in the full thing. The special effects were very nice, one of the best parts of this film. The short isn't too long, and the full movie looks like it could be great, so this is a recommended download. Review by Tom Bown.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Echondria: Prologue [5.67 MB]
Eirik Vs Fredrick
Directed by: Fredrick Arnoy
Released: September 2001
Preview A friendly 'war' type of movie. It is basically about Fredrick Arnoy and his friend, Eirik, fighting because they piss each other off. Fredrick has directed this movie reasonably well, creating some nice eye candy in the process. The movie starts off OK, but takes a turn for the worse when taxi's start flying up into space, although the battle sequence which takes place on another planet is quite good. I think the movie attempted to be slightly comical, but failed - but this doesn't stop it from being another deceit movie from good old Fred. The voice acting by Tom Simpson wasn't too shabby either.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Eirik Vs Fredrick [2.17 MB]
End, The
Directed by: Ryan Williams
Released: August 2001
Preview This is a compilation of Thrik's previously unseen and unfinished work. At the time of release, he announced that he was tired of 3dmm, and felt it was time to 'hang up his gloves'. In this respect, this is his way of 'goodbye' to making 3dmm movies. The movie is good to watch and the music playing throughout keeps it rolling. However, the clips look a little clich
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
End, The [1.43 MB]
End of the World
Directed by: Oliver Wigdor
Released: January 2005
Preview This was Ollies first attempt at an all out epic movie, unfortunatley he never managed to get even half way through, and this was also indeed his last ever movie. From what Ollie and I discussed (so you can see what this movie was going to be about) Proffesor James (the main character) discovers a hidden message in the bible, predicting the end of the world. It becomes a race against time to save mankind from Biblical destruction. Sadly, Ollie barely got anywhere through this storyline and after he lost the huge script he made and catching a virus on his computer, he gave up. This was however a good last movie from Ollie, it had some brilliant scenery added to it giving it the magic touch of Atlantis. However not much was organised when it came to voice acting, Cal Flavel as Proffesor James will the only one you'll hear if you download this, his voice stole the show. Shame the show never ended though. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
End of the World [2.38 MB]
Energy Trailer
Directed by: Beast
Released: October 2003
Preview Wow. OK... This takes the term 'detailed' in 3dmm to a whole new level. This trailer contains some seriously detailed stuff, mean, even to the extent that I can recognise the fact that characters have been modeled on photos of fellow 3dmm'ers (that is Jaymond, right?!). What's even more impressive is that we would normally be wow'ed by stills with such detail - but these are animated. Fucking animated scenes. I know people say don't rate a movie just because it looks like, but that's exactly what I'm going to do in this case. I just hope the director finishes it and doesn't burn himself out.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Energy Trailer [1.14 MB]
England's a Bitch
Directed by: Jim Weatherby
Released: May 2001
Preview This was a surprise release back in the heatwave of summer of 2001 from Jim Weatherby. and its not too shabby considering that Jim made it in a day. The basic plot is about some guy trying to knock the sun out of England's sky because it is apparently not allowed to be. The movie contains some good animation and all custom made scenes, but perhaps a little dated today. Also, if you watch the movie, and find yourself completely lost, good old Jim has included a vocal explanation. Aww - how nice... Worth the download
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
England's a Bitch [1.04 MB]
Enriched Enlightenment
Directed by: Will Maltby
Released: November 1999
Preview Will Maltby's first feature length 3dmm movie (run time of 15 mins) and was released in August 1999. This was one of my first 3dmm movies I ever downloaded. The animation an custom made scenes were second to none back then, and even today, aren't that shabby, perhaps slightly dated though. The movie has absolutely no plot, very random and very chaotic. The voicing cast is also very well done, with crazy screams and laughs throughout. A major problem, I found, with this movie, is that character voices were simply lost in the frenzy of sfx and background music, which at times, got annoying as you had to stop the scene and then start again, so that the music didn't play and interfere with your viewing. A movie which I recommend, simply so you can see how Will's choreography skills progressed for DD.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Enriched Enlightenment [4.02 MB]
Directed by: Joaquin Tome
Released: July 2003
Preview One of the trickiest genres to pull off in 3dmm is drama. Being such a limited tool, creating emotions that a viewer can believe is no easy task. Countless directors have failed in trying to do so. This is apparently Joaquin's first ever attempt at making a proper movie, and I have to admit that after watching Epilogue I am more than impressed. It's a silent drama that has a similar premise to a book I have just finished reading called, 'Ralph's Party'. A young lad has fallen in love with a beautiful girl. She however, has fallen for his best friend. Depression sets in and everything goes downhill from here on after. The director has made a very good attempt at making the drama as believable as possible, making good use of colour, music, animation and cut-away's. It's all very visual (mainly because there are no spoken words!) and it flows quite nicely. Still, I can't help feeling that theres something missing...
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Epilogue [1.84 MB]
Equilibrium Preview
Directed by: Blake Walker
Released: June 2002
Preview Wow, the animation was very poor but the plot/voice acting and the idea was perfect. I found myself drawn in even though I didn't want to. Then there was just something in it that made me really get interested. I can't explain it, you just have to watch it. The classical music fits very well, I can't wait to see the actual movie.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Equilibrium Preview [627 KB]
Directed by: Stanley Pennant
Released: March 2001
Preview Short battle movie from Stanley Pennant which is quite enjoyable though the animation effects aren't always the highest caliber: it is over much too quickly also. Quite good however and well worth the download.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Eradication [676 KB]
Erasing the Permanent Teaser
Directed by: Ben Williams
Released: August 2001
Preview Titled a teaser, and a teaser it is. It gives minimal plot details away, but the continual hinting at some contraption, which if used unwisely, the results could be catastrophic, intrigues us enough to want to know what the 'thing' is. A very hard movie to rate, as it is just a teaser. I WANT TO KNOW WHAT THIS MOVIE IS ABOUT! Download, and I'm sure you'll feel the same way, and look out for the movie when it is released later on this year
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Erasing the Permanent Teaser [526 KB]
Erkki the Man 2
Directed by: Anssi Kemppainen
Released: March 2001
Preview Some improvement over Part 1 but not too much improvement. These movies still lack any significant plot or sense. This guy can do better.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Erkki the Man 2 [863 KB]
Erotica Island Teaser 1
Directed by: Jon Barton
Released: June 2003
Preview A short but amusing little teaser for Joe Burton's first movie: Erotica Island. The title of the movie makes you think this is going to be something of a comedy versus porn movie. Well Joe explained this isn't the case. It will be a plain comedy, kinda Monty Pyhton style. Anyway the teaser doesn't say much about the movie itself. Actually It's pretty much more intro credits then scenes. But though It's short It still has something hilarious! I'm really curious how this movie will going to be, until then enjoy the teasers.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Erotica Island Teaser 1 [326 KB]
Erotica Island Teaser 2
Directed by: Jon Barton
Released: June 2003
Preview Joe released a second teaser for Erotica Island. This time even more hilarious then the first! Though It's nothing special, regular scenes and clean animation. But I can't help myself laughing out loud at the end. This is just one of those teasers you can watch over and over again. It really makes you want to see the final movie! Excellent work Joe!
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Erotica Island Teaser 2 [475 KB]
Escape and Sacrifice
Directed by: Tony Teulan
Released: December 2000
Preview Tonez's 3dmm 'classic', which deals with a Jewish family living in Nazi Germany, and a German girl who has fallen in love with one of the Jews. The movie was made in 2000, and it looks it, with scenery that may have been good back then but is now just average. The animation is fairly rough and many of the voice actors are not very good. However, the plot and scripting are not bad at all, and I actually found myself caring for the characters. The movie also inludes Jeff Ching's line "It is indeed strangely orderly in here, considering the air raid that's going on outside.", which has gone down in community history. I would recommend downloading this movie if you have a spare half hour or so. The plot is good, but the animation and scenery are too outdated to be considered really great. Review by Tom Bown.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Escape and Sacrifice [11.74 MB]
Espirit de Corps
Directed by: Sergon
Released: September 2003
Preview Oh yes, I am a HUGE fan of Sergon's work and this release by him was a total surprise for me. This is defiantly the movie of the best Film Festival so far! As we have come to expect from Sergon, he has done an excellent job in directing a cool and involving movie yet again. The plot is strong. A guy called Jack is part of an international secret team who deals with various terrorists around the world. The film is divided into two perspectives. In the very beginning Jack actually confronts a group of terrorist and later on he is the one who's actually telling. Its this framework and excellent direction that gives this movie a solid story. With a great story comes great characters, this is no exception. The main character Jack is brilliantly put characterised. The viewer gets the know Jack's feelings, fears and how he operates in the field. Sound wise this movie is amazing too. A wide variety of music is continuously playing, backing the great on-screen action. From a jazzy kind of intro to full on orchestral music towards the end. Great sound effects, awesome voice acting and strong dialogue. Overall this movie is fantastic. It deserves a high rating so that's exactly what I'm going to give it.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Espirit de Corps [5.97 MB]
Espirit de Corps - Special Edition
Directed by: Sergon
Released: February 2004
Preview Like the 'regular edition' of this movie, this is brilliant stuff. There are obvious signs of a great director and clear knowledge of 3dmm, with some awesome camera angles and 'panning' around the creative scenery and hand-made props, including quite nifty shadowing. The vocal acting and music is also very fitting for the film. To me, it was a bit of a pointless action movie but slightly less of the 'pointless' factor than usual as there was actually a decent plot. A tad drawn out for my liking, but it really was a great film. There is nothing new in this special edition of the movie, it's what comes bundled with it that has changed. Included in this download are pre-release screenshots, posters, storyboards, scripts, reviews, trailers and unused sounds. All in all, it's a very nicely crafted package. A highly recommended download. Review by Richard Bevis.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Espirit de Corps - Special Edition [12.06 MB]
Evil Experiment, The
Directed by: Gavin Owers
Released: April 2003
Preview This... this was a really weird movie including the weird professor who's transforming everybody into weird things. And this time he's transforming Augustin into a well, watch it yourself. I found this movie kinda silly. It uses default scenes and midi but that didn't effect the movie at all.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Evil Experiment, The [283 KB]
Evil Santa Clips
Directed by: Jon Steele
Released: January 2003
Preview An interesting little collection of clips from a movie now receiving the v3DMM treatment. Evil Santa
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Evil Santa Clips [281 KB]
Evil Santa Preview
Directed by: Jon Steele
Released: October 2002
Preview A preview for an upcoming xmas movie, about 'Santa going bad'. Not super original then. From what I gathered, Santa kidnaps two children and takes them back to his workshop, where big machines cut people up and put the pieces in boxes; whilst Santa drinks beer. Simple scenery, a hand-made Santa and quirky music.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Evil Santa Preview [408 KB]
Explosion Teaser
Directed by: Tom Braithwaite
Released: January 2003
Preview A crazy teaser for Toms upcoming PAM movie, and when I say crazy, I mean crazy. This teaser is non-stop, fast paced, hectic action. You may have seen a couple of scenes from this movie in the 'Animation Gallery' on the Bulletin Board. Being a PAM style movie, I doubt there will be any chance of a decent story in the cards, but the nice fluid animation and fast pace will hopefully make such a factor redundant. Tom very kindly apologised for the selection of music accompanying the teaser at the beginning, but I thought it worked extremely well with the on-screen action.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Explosion Teaser [507 KB]
Eye of Saturn
Directed by: Chuck Stapleton
Released: July 2000
Preview Not really any special effects, or any special animation, but I find this generally amusing the way things work in this and the way the voice acting turns out. You probably will think differently as EVERYONE does (grrr) but I liked it.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Eye of Saturn [3.61 MB]
Eye of Saturn 2 Preview
Directed by: Chuck Stapleton
Released: August 2000
Preview A nice looking preview, more of a sneak peek of the beginning of the movie than a genuine preview though. Running for 2-4 minutes, it's not too bad at all when hand animation is used but the use of standard 3dmm scenes is a little disappointing.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Eye of Saturn 2 Preview [753 KB]