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Lacombe Vs McDonald
Directed by: Jim Weatherby
Released: April 2000
Preview A very old Jim Weatherby movies, dating back to the days of HBK Films and the infamous 'site wars'. Featuring the voice talents of prepubescent veteran 3dmm'ers, this is a heartwarming blast to the past. Rating the animation, scenery and all the usual would be pretty meaningless in this case due to it's age. I think that this is a movie strictly for the oldies in the community - you really wont enjoy or understand the true greatness of it all otherwise.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Lacombe Vs McDonald [188 KB]
Lame Sniper Movie
Directed by: Leslie Wai
Released: April 2003
Preview Occasionally a sniper movie can be somewhat entertaining, but this one really isn't. The movie starts off quite simplistic, and nothing really groundbreaking happens throughout the entire first sequence. However then just as it starts to get a lot better and looks like it could be doing something a bit different, a poxy black screen comes up explaining that the director ran out of ideas. It's a sniper movie for christ's sake. It's not like they're meant to have a plot, so I don't know how you run out of ideas. Either way, that point broke the movie.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Lame Sniper Movie [823 KB]
Last Butt Session, The
Directed by: Spencer Crabb
Released: September 2000
Preview An old retaliation-of-a-hate-movie flick by Spencer Crabb's, inspired by abuse from Matt and Jon. I remember at the time is was very funny. I guess no one new will understand it; I can't believe this is 5 years old! I hadn't been in the community that long around this time. I always found it odd though that every hate movie happened to have gay humour in. Why don't people make hate movies now-a-days? Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Last Butt Session, The [2.15 MB]
Last Man Standing, The
Directed by: Spencer Crabb, Evan Strobel
Released: June 2001
Preview This was a large download back in 2001... 9MB on an unreliable 56k? Impossible! Though this was better than a lot of the rubbish being release around this time, I guess you could call this one of those early emerging PAM defining genre movies, much in the style of DD's 'cinematography'. Watching this does get a little tiring, especially when the movies action is nothing more than mediocre. However, it is more interesting to watch than alot of other action movie, and the plot, though straight forward, is enough to keep you interested. Love it or hate it. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Last Man Standing, The [8.87 MB]
Laugh and a Half
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: December 2004
Preview Ben Rice's very first movie and my(!), how he's improved - in such a short space of time! But anyway, oh dear. This movie is basically complete trash. Default scenery; rubbish, annoying music; poor humor and shit voice acting. I was sorely tempted to press stop and forget all about this almost as soon as the movie had started. Actually, saying that, the was ONE mildly ok'ish scene with the handmade Predator character. Overall it isn't funny and not even worth downloading. The title lies; it's not even 'half' a laugh. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Laugh and a Half [1.74 MB]
Laugh and a Half 2
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: March 2005
Preview A short movie made by Ben Rice, but unfortunately, the comedy in this movie doesn't live up to what is promised in the title. The animation and scenery are good, and show a huge improvement for Ben, but the plot is stupid, the voices are horrible, and the humour, if you can call it that, barely raised a smile. Overall, a nice effort by Ben as far as 3dmming skills go, but he should stay far away from comedies, and stay even further away from his microphone. Review by Tom Bown.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Laugh and a Half 2 [1.89 MB]
Directed by: Hand Made Character
Released: August 2004
Preview I had seen a screenshot of some Lego characters in a thread somewhere on the BB by Handmade character a few weeks ago and I thought it was a pretty nifty idea, but the thought of someone making a movie in such a style never crossed my mind! So, who else to bring such a movie to our screens other than Handmade Character?! (I wish I knew his real name... Calling someone 'Handmade Character' is a little strange). Obviously, the movies selling feature is the incredible animation. It must have taken a lot of patience and perseverance to pull this off. The characters are all brilliantly designed and their maneuverability limitations were nicely incorporated. Lots of inspiration has obviously come from 'Toy Story' - especially the scenery. I thought that a sense of scale was well realised too. However, in all other departments the movie lacks quite a lot. As Rubin said on the bulletin board, it was basically just one big animation fest and not really a movie. The scenes didn't have proper transitions and lots of it felt akward and rushed.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Legoz [2.38 MB]
Leigh the Vampire Slayer
Directed by: Leigh McDonald
Released: February 1999
Preview An extremely old skool movie about a vampire slayer sent to kill Dracula. That old chestnut. It aint anything special at all. Default scenery, boring animation and all that stuff. Not worth watching to be honest, but a fitting movie considering the season. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Leigh the Vampire Slayer [702 KB]
Directed by: Mark Veldhuizen
Released: February 2001
Preview Entertaining action film about a hitman making his first job, namely the Leon of the title. Some good animation and execution with dramatic touches/effects. Looking forward to more films from Whitemark Entertainment.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Leon [2.34 MB]
Lethal Intention
Directed by: Adam Shaw
Released: November 2000
Preview This is one of my favorite movies ever. I think Adam Shaw is an awesome director and a top guy - I love him to bits. Lethal Intention is a dramatic matrix style-esque movie. Despite the high octane gun fights, this movie is a lot deeper than you would think - its a truly emotional experience. The scenery is great, even now, and Adam has used the slow-motion card to great effect, perfecting it to a tee. When this was released, it was quite groundbreaking - the camera angles and animation used were very 'new-age'. A stunning piece of 3dmm history, and something everyone will enjoy. Download.
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
Lethal Intention [3.50 MB]
Lethal Intention 2
Directed by: Adam Shaw
Released: September 2002
Preview If only... unfortunately, this isn't really Lethal Intention 2 - its a joke movie plus a teaser for Adams new movie 'Lonely Soul' which was supposed to be released in November. The joke movie is actually quite good anyways making use of the Doraemon expansion pack and comical Liverpudlian accents. As for the trailer... WOW! It looks amazing. It being only a teaser though I can't really say much about it. I will have to chase Adam up about it when I next see him on MSN. Great stuff as always.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Lethal Intention 2 [1.55 MB]
Lezero's Part 1, The
Directed by: Evan Strobel
Released: November 2002
Preview A simply brilliant movie from Evan. This movie is proof of how a decent story can make the film so brilliant without having to have amazing animation. A simple formula with quick changing camera angles and amazingly decent voices made it worth every second. I can't wait to see part 2 as this movie really had me on the edge of my seat. Simply magnificent.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Lezero's Part 1, The [7.81 MB]
Lezero's Part 2 (unfinished), The
Directed by: Evan Strobel
Released: March 2003
Preview Yet another unfinished movie by Evan - and as always it looked awesome. It's such a shame that Lezero's hasn't been finished - it could have give the almighty Men of Seattle a run for it money. It was obvious that the guy who wrote the script (Kevin Pellegrinelli) thought it through and planned it well. It had a very cinematic feel to it - coming close to that found in Men Of Seattle. The lack of music in the beginning scenes kinda ruined the atmosphere movie. Definitely a movie I would like to see Evan finish.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Lezero's Part 2 (unfinished), The [1.85 MB]
Liberi Fatali
Directed by: Dustin Guest
Released: March 2000
Preview A very impressive movie back in it's day. It's just a fight scene, and although the custom scenery isn't too hot, the animation is done very well and the movie has a very film-like atmosphere. It's a shame 3dmm's frame rate is so slow because it's movies like this that really need a higher frame-rate. Perhaps it would benefit from 3dmm FPS... Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Liberi Fatali [636 KB]
Directed by: Jeremy Madzelan
Released: January 2004
Preview A very twisted movie here done by one of the most underrated directors in the community. The whole thing is too short to describe without giving it away though but its so messed up. The animation and direction were done really well. Definitely one of the better holiday films this year and worth the download. It even comes with a trailer for Dead Or Alive 1.5 so don't miss it.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Lied [3.27 MB]
Life at any Moment
Directed by: Jonathan Snell
Released: July 2000
Preview It's finished and this comprises Life at Any Moment's First and Second Series with some new footage and it's great. I think Jon shouldn't have released the other two parts before this full final version, it was kind of annoying to watch stuff again. But overall this was very good! Great animation and drama throughout - quality at any moment.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Life at any Moment [2.92 MB]
Life of a Sheep
Directed by: Raider
Released: July 2004
Preview One of the directors first ever movies, which seems pretty solid all-in-all. Nothing much of a plot and the movie is pretty much driven by it's accompanying music. It's about a sheep setting out on a journey beyond the fence of his field. Raider has made use of a variety of animation techniques and camera view points - none of which are really that original - but it's good to see a newbie making an effort. The animation was a little cruddy and the design of the scenery and sheep could be greatly improved. A fab start though.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Life of a Sheep [3.67 MB]
Life of a Whore 2
Directed by: Ramza Brave
Released: August 2003
Preview Alright... now don't get me wrong, I like random humor as much as the next psychopathic banana balloon, but this was just stupid. Short movies are fine if they have a gag or something... but this was crap. Short, pointless, and utter shit. I mean this in every regard: animation, scenery, voice-acting. Everything. So unless you just want to hear the old edwardian music, don't waste your time.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Life of a Whore 2 [220 KB]
Life of Baofu
Directed by: Xclexski
Released: July 2002
Preview Hehe, extremely funny movie if you ever came into contact with Baofu on the bulletin board. The movie is well directed although using default scenes for most of the time. It managed to keep my attention constantly for the entire length and I didn't get bored. You can tell Xclexski is a good director, the last scene shows his custom scene making very well. This is a recommended download for anyone that's heard of Baofu, it made me fall over laughing anyway...
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Life of Baofu [2.91 MB]
Life of Brian, The
Directed by: Oscar Lundin
Released: July 2000
Preview A solid old drama movie here, yet a couple of years ago I would have rated it a lot higher. Released just after Blake Walkers 'Delicate Mind' I was strangely reminded of certain aspects of it. Whether or not this was a coincidence, I don't know. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Life of Brian, The [3.41 MB]
Liquid Sunshine
Directed by: Joe Barton
Released: May 2004
Preview Up-till the release of this movie, I had no idea of it's existence. It's an epic short, that has been wonderfully directed. I don't want to give too much away in this review, so I'm not going to cover any plot details - just the technical stuff. Everything thing has been well thought out, and everything from script to soundtrack has been polished. I don't know... everything just seems very complete. Joe has made fantastic use of the expansion pack. Surely after watching this, no one in the community could have anything negative to say. I can't wait to see more movies incorporate it. The scenery and handmade characters are fantastic. The characters movement to facial expressions are spot on. The soundtrack and voice acting is also another commendable factor. So, all-in-all, a pretty impressive piece. A must download if you haven't already seen it.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Liquid Sunshine [3.03 MB]
Liquid Sunshine DVD Edition
Directed by: Jon Barton
Released: May 2005
Preview I thought the original version of Liquid Sunshine was brilliant when it was released just over a year ago. It quickly became one of my favorite movies - something short and ever-so sweet, that I found myself watching over and over again. Being given the opportunity to come back to this movie with it's utterly unique production circumstances a year later - with added extras - is very special and a time to celebrate. From the outset, the amount of work that has gone into this little short is phenomenal, it absolutely reeks of quality and clearly shows a deep understanding of the 3dmm and it mechanics/limitations. The changes made to the original cut of Liquid Sunshine are extremely subtle - almost unnoticeable - but they have given this remastered edition an additional 'edge' and increased the overall roundedness of it, smoothing everything out to perfection. Jon has also tweaked the sound syncing and scene runtime by extending the frame count in places that needed, as Aaron Haynes put it, "... room for breathing...". The remasted edition comes bundled with a whole load of additional extras, including a timeline of the project, the original novel (written by Beth Rothery), two commentaries, all the reviews for the original release, and teasers for 'Liberation Day', 'Ringworld' and 'Batman: The Killing Joke'. It has to be said, the amount of 'stuff' included in/with what is essentially a 3dmm short is utterly amazing. Absolutely brilliant, and an essential download for all. Review by Will Cheyney.

A surprise release from Mr Barton. Jon's short classic, released around this time last year gets the DVD transformation. This amazing movie was loved by all last year and now it can be loved again but now it can be loved more for it has lots of extras, including, trailers for Ringworld and Liberation Day, a sneak peek of Batman: The Killing Joke (May I also say that it's a v3dmm file and the film also looks freakin' amazing!), a message from Jon and directors commentaries for the movie. There are two versions of the movie in this DVD, the original, exactly as we saw it last year and a re-mastered version with some edited scenes which make the movie look even better. This big file is full of extras and things revealing the secret of Jon's magical movie. Nothing much is changed in the re-mastered of version of Liquid Sunshine. Some scenes had some new things added, animated or some things just changed around. The scenery may have been tampered with a little, but like before it was excellent and filled with beautiful detail. As always, Jon's voice in the movie is brilliant and I hope it never changes. The same music from before in the movie is good. Liquid Sunshine has the gold comedy moments, it's great to see it again. If you haven't seen the original and were planning to, don't bother, download this to see the original and a better version and plenty of bonus features, some will leave you jaw dropped. This cannot be missed. If you enjoyed the original, you ain't seen anything yet! Review by Ben Rice.

This one's been coming for awhile. I promised it weeks ago, but I've been delayed by work and my own movie, but here it is. Liquid Sunshine DVD is a thorough package that not only showcases a newly remastered edition of Barton's short, but also details the backstory, creative process, and a fair amount of production insight that went into the making of this short. The review will focus on the movie Liquid Sunshine (remastered) and will also have a special "Extras" section for the DVD extras. Liquid Sunshine is a fascinating piece of writing. It's very difficult to describe the story as a story. What it is is a sequence of thoughts of a bedridden man in his few hours of consciousness. The style of the storytelling is heavily dialogue based. Really it's more of a monologue. Nevertheless, Liquid Sunshine has a fascinating structure, as it mirrors the disjointed, disorganised thought patterns of someone experiencing life in fits and starts. It's funny at times, but with a bittersweet form of humor that makes you question why you're actually laughing. It's the mark of a good story when you need to sit back for a minute, ponder what you've just experienced, then hit the play button again. Liquid Sunshine has that effect on the viewer. It's a very profound piece. Jon's notes indicate the movie was made for personal reasons, and instead of focusing on what the core group wants to see, the story is thought provoking. It leads us to question how we are taking advantage of the life that we have for ourselves. Here's the character, in a semiconscious state, wondering if his life is worth the cost of electricity, and it leads the viewer to really look inward and wonder what they are doing with what they have. I took a long jog after watching the movie to sort it all out. A good presentation emphasises the story in a way that makes the movie feel tied together. Jon Barton's presentation here works for this movie and the story he's telling. It's disjointed, sometimes rushed from one visual idea to the next. For those who are merely watching and not listening to the story, it's not a pleasant style, but these people are severely missing the point. Jon's presentation consists of the little twists and turns, and short scenes that a person in a near-permanent comatose state would perceive the world as. It works for this story, emphasising the character and his dilemma. The remastered edition of Liquid Sunshine has a great look. The colours are vivid, especially notable in all the scenes where the titular "Liquid Sunshine" is expressed visually. These scenes are so full of colour that they're just dazzling to look at. The style is also very exaggerated. The people are "Knights of Camelot" style Hand Made Characters, adding to the stylised sort of view of the world the main character would have. Though one may initially question the choice of some slapstick exaggerations in such a serious movie, one must look beyond the pure "is this game good graphics" viewpoint. The important thing is that this is the way the character perceives the world, and Jon has made the characters world come to life as if we too were only conscious every now and then. Jon is one of the leading voice actors in the community. However, being from the States, I've always had some difficulty deciphering accents in high-speed dialogue. That's mostly my fault, however, so I watched it again, and got the full impact of the story. Jon's voice work is great, I found, once I tuned myself in properly. His expression and inflections are well suited to the story being told here. Jon's chief role here is to further the narrative, a job he does very well. The music choice is good too. It has a mellow, relaxed feel, which is very much a contrast to the life that the character is leading in the hospital. I found the contrast to work well. It seems that when the character is awake, he'll take advantage of his time and think about the important things, rather than the little things that too often people become obsessed with. The music embodied this sense, so a good selection there. Jon has crammed so much into this DVD release, that it's a joy to keep ploughing through them. There's lots of backstory, lots of planning, and a lot of thought and effort put into this rather short movie. The extras show that Jon was very passionate about getting this one onto the screen, and doing it in the best possible way. Especially notable are the timelines, and being able to read through the actual written out Liquid Sunshine. This DVD release also has a couple of trailers on it as well. The Ringworld trailer is very short, but very sweet at the same time. There seems to be a thread saying "Jon: Ringworld. When?" every week or so, so it's safe to say this is a hugely anticipated movie. Jon's also taking a whack at Batman. This is a huge undertaking, since Batman has been through many different interpretations, with the most recent debuting this summer, so he's got a lot to live up to. Liquid Sunshine is a movie that succeeds where so many movies have failed. It makes you care about the character, it makes to wonder about the human condition. More importantly it makes you think. There's a lot to be said for a movie that can make you think, especially when it's a 3DMM movie. It's not an easy task, but Jon Barton's managed to do it, and very well, I might add. Review by Andrew Salter.

Overall rating: 10/10 Download
Liquid Sunshine DVD Edition [15.28 MB]
Liquid Zero
Directed by: James Ballard
Released: May 2000
Preview James Ballard's 2000 movie shows some creative ideas that unfortunately never make it to fruition. The story is vague, but what little of it there is is mildly interesting at least. There's a good guy, his sidekick, and the bad guy and his secret weapon, who at a moment's notice can flood our own dear misty city. Unfortunately what happens along the way is anyone's guess. The presentation relies entirely on 3DMM's default scenery, so there's no real creative opportunity in this aspect. Visually, the film has a few special effects, mostly involving all too bounded water. As it is, the film is severely limited by its reliance on default scenery. The audio half of the film is similarly frustrating. Though some parts are well acted, the majority of the vocals are drowned out by wav music or worse, MIDI, which cannot be stopped within the same scene, so there was almost no way of hearing some dialogue. Unfortunately, the interesting plot involving a water daemon never plays out, and Liquid Zero is ultimately left with little more than an idea to keep the viewer involved. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Liquid Zero [2.31 MB]
Liquid Zero 2
Directed by: James Ballard
Released: June 2000
Preview Though an improvement from the first, Liquid Zero 2 doesn't follow through on the intriguing ideas. The plot continues from where the first movie left off, but turns out to be basically the same as the first movie with improved special effects, the villain inside the cube, and a random black dude spouting inspirational advice. The presentation has been improved to incorporate moving scenes and custom camera angles. This helps the watchability of the film, though it doesn't save it. The visuals are also bumped up, relying on rudimentary custom scenery that does it's job well enough. The audio also improves, with more dialogue able to be heard. The music however, ranges from the hardcore to the downright sappy, including a saxaphone lick comfortable in a dentist's reception room near the end of the film. The spruced up look of the film, however, fails to mask the deep flaws in the plot, making for an improved, but not revitalized, film compared to the first. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Liquid Zero 2 [4.52 MB]
Litterbug 1
Directed by: Jimmy Pozin
Released: January 1999
Preview The plot: a man litters in a park, kills a kid and things go bad... very bad! The action and violence is really extreme! The music was pretty average. But the action was really good. The animation was very well done and the gore is pretty detailed (for its time). A great film here. Highly Recommended. Download!
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Litterbug 1 [2.81 MB]
Litterbug 2
Directed by: Jimmy Pozin
Released: September 2002
Preview The simply stunning sequel to Litterbug. This is much improved over the last with better music, better action, and better animation. It works really well that you kinda get into it like some of the high adrenaline scenes in "The Matrix" (the real film). A highly recommended download, you simply MUST see this.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Litterbug 2 [7.79 MB]
Directed by: Swishy
Released: August 2004
Preview A very odd affair here... something I'm still not quite sure on. Apparently, this movie wasn't intended for the community but for a school music project. Swishy composed the accompanying music, so I guess the main focus should be on that as opposed the the animations. That's probably a good thing though because the first half of the movie was simply rehashed work from the Lock and Toad preview directed by non-other than Lock's creator, Goro. I believe the second half was done by Swishy himself, but not surprisingly, it didn't compare to the quality of the first half. I didn't really understand what was happening throughout (other than Lock fell in love with a pretty pink fly), or how the music and animation related to each other. It didn't even make a particularly good music video.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Lockdown [1.81 MB]
Lock 'N' Load
Directed by: Gorosaurus
Released: September 1999
Preview Gorosaurus' first ever movie, and I must admit that for a first movie I am impressed! All his characters are hand made! Like most peoples first movie attempts though, I got totally lost and didn't have a CLUE as to what was going on. A pointless, pretty random, action-esque cartoon. Hehe. Download, as it's interesting to see how Gorosaurus' skills have developed.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Lock 'N' Load [1.89 MB]
Lock 'N' Load 2
Directed by: Gorosaurus
Released: September 2004
Preview More of a concept movies as opposed to a 'real' movie. Many moons ago, after Goro completed his first movie, 'Lock 'N Load', he started a sequel aptly known as, 'Lock 'N Load 2'. The movie was canned during it's early stages of development. 'Lock 'N Load 2' picks up where 'Lock 'N Load' left off, opening with a recreation of the NES Ninja Gaiden 2's opening. The evil sorcerer Ashtar patiently awaits his staring role as the villian of Lock 'N Load 2. But upon hearing that Gorosaurus has given up on the movie in the very beginning stages, him and his henchman decide to take over the project by cutting and pasting different parts of unfinished movies from Gorosaurus' movie folder and creating a wild and crazy adventure for our two heroes. Handmade characters and cool animation make a regular occurrence, and I think the clever way of re-working an essentially unfinished movie worked nicely. Some of this work is pretty old so I made allowances for the occasional piece of scenery that lacked in mastery. An interesting affair, and defiantly worth a watch. One of the better Film Festival movies.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Lock 'N' Load 2 [13.83 MB]
Lock 'N' Toad Trailer
Directed by: Gorosaurus (compiled by Z-man)
Released: December 2003
Preview Christmas 03 Film Festival movie #9. A sweet, fast and furious trailer for Goro's upcoming movie 'Lock 'N' Toad. It is probably one of the best compiled trailers to have ever been released. The scenery and animation is spot on and I like the accompanying music. There's not a lot more I can say really... except download!
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Lock 'N' Toad Trailer [706 KB]
Long Night, The
Directed by: Jon Sapone, Matt McGowen
Released: August 2000
Preview Jon and Matt have teamed up to make this effective longer than average movie. Mickazee and Maltby are the stars in this surreal piece. Although they couldn't decide whether Maltby's voice was either Cockney Brit, normal Brit, or American, the movie works well and probably has the best deaths in any movie I've seen. Well worth watching. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Long Night, The [2.99 MB]
Long Range Sniper
Directed by: Will Maltby
Released: June 1999
Preview A simple sniper movie whereby Gustave (not being his usual self) gets sniped from a long distance. Simple as that. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Long Range Sniper [74 KB]
Loose Cannon, The
Directed by: Joey Cosmos
Released: July 2002
Preview This movie is a brilliant attempt by this newbie Joey Cosmos. The animation is quite good especially for character movement, but a little shaky in places. The plot was slightly strange but I picked it up quickly and gave easy viewing. The voices were a little hard to understand in places but I still liked it. Overall a better attempt at a movie than I could do in my first 2 years of 3dmming, and shows that Joey has alot of talent. I am expecting big things, just not so sure about the 5 second music samples though. A definite download for anyone in need of some quick action. And well ended, very unexpected and shocking!
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Loose Cannon, The [2.05 MB]
Lord of the Flies (unfinished)
Directed by: Andres Da La Hoz
Released: January 2003
Preview It speaks eloquently about Andres' undisputed talent that his unfinished attempt at William Golding's immortal Lord of the Flies would have easily worked as a self-contained featurette if he?d decided to wrap it up even earlier than he did, with the foreknowledge of what was to come looming in the minds of those who?ve read the book and the satisfaction of an enjoyable short in those who haven?t. It?s a pity, therefore, to have to consider it for what it could have been rather than what it is. As it is, the story takes us from Ralph and Piggy's first meeting on the deserted island through to the beginning of the leadership vote around the symbolic conch shell and its rock pool. As a film opening, the hook is omni-present and the speed of events is paced well enough to stop boredom sinking in, as is a danger with adapting any book, let alone such an untouchable one as this. Andres tells his story through picture and sound far more effectively than through the sketchy dialogue he's included. The overall sense is one of beautiful, yet claustrophobic remoteness, with the plot almost getting in the way. The little dialogue that's included in text boxes at the screen's bottom is far from polished and one can't help but feel that the film would work much better if it did without any at all. My fear is that had the dialogue actually been recorded, there would be very little that could be done to have it live up to the overall feeling of the feature, no matter how polished it may have eventually turned out. Luscious graphics are aplenty and animation is, as expected, smooth. The main joy of this film, however, lies in its soundscape, or it does until it unfortunately cuts out near the end. The untouched feeling of the island is conveyed through a cacophony of jungle noises, to eventually lead in to a captivating musical score. The sweaty overbearing atmosphere of the island is everywhere, enclosing the viewer in a stifling grip. Despite it's sad lack of ending, early or otherwise, this remains a great and hugely re-watchable little movie. Review by Kayl.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Lord of the Flies (unfinished) [1.62 MB]
LP Chapter 1
Directed by: Moodyblues
Released: June 2001
Preview Hmm, not too sure what to conclude about this one. Still left a touch confused, but in saying that it is only the 1st chapter of what seems to be a long series. To start with, I have to say that the music fitted very well, and the voices weren't done too badly. The sound effects were way over-used however, and some of the scenery sucked. The rain especially irritated me, as there were just lots of L's dancing around. The hand-made characters saved this movie, they were made with some skill. All in all, the movie was average, wasn't a complete turkey but wasn't Oscar winning either. Review by Richard Bevis.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
LP Chapter 1 [1.49 MB]
Directed by: Kirkus Lacombe
Released: May 2000
Preview This is one messed up movie. Good old animation makes this remotlely worth seeing though. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Lucy [109 KB]