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Official Gorosaurus Compendium, The
Directed by: Gorosaurus
Released: February 2003
Preview Wow, this is really badly presented, with different characters in separate .3mm files, but the quality of character creation is amazing. This movie is a must for anyone who wants to get some tips on how to make there own characters and build a scene. First class in it's field, but don't download this looking for a movie with a story
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Official Gorosaurus Compendium, The [13.61 MB]
Of Minds and Darkness
Directed by: Andres De La Hoz
Released: May 2001
Preview A suspense thriller by Andres De La Hoz, 'Of Minds and Darkness' is a suspenseful work involving a robbery, and the killings of the robbery gangs that take place after their heist. The plot builds suspense with the help of camera tricks and music, drawing the viewer in and ultimately pulling some surprises out of the story. To write too much on the story would be giving away the point of the movie. The presentation is where much of the strength of this film lies. The camera movements are dynamic and well-planned, each pan being used to maximum effect. The major device used is the limited visability allowed by the camera. Hoz creates a claustrophobic feel by keeping tightly zoomed on the actors and rarely ever allowing too much to be revealed at once. This is effective in building the suspense the plot feeds off of. The visuals consist of Hoz' trademark squares and spheres, so there's a lack of texturing that doesn't detract too much from the film. Occasionally, there are times when it's unclear what we're looking at. The music is the other strong factor in creating a suspenseful mood. Hoz borrows from James Newton Howard, who is used by other suspense icons such as M. Night Shyamalan, and is effective in enhancing the mood that Hoz is aiming for. The sound effects editing is not as strong. There are many opportunities for the use of sound effects that are not taken advantage of. It sometimes leads to an "unfinished" feel, but the smoothness of the presentation makes up for this lack of polish. Of Minds and Darkness is a worthy download, and a perfect movie to turn the lights out for and watch alone. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Of Minds and Darkness [3.74 MB]
OMG Water! Preview
Directed by: Gavin Owers
Released: November 2004
Preview IF THIS MOVIE DOESN'T GET RELEASED I WILL CRY. Download the preview to show your support. Review by Tom Bown.
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
OMG Water! Preview [429 KB]
Opera of Destruction
Directed by: Gustave
Released: October 2002
Preview A decent plot in this one. Gustave is a newbie but definitely is showing quality skills. The animation does the job but scenes are basic. The text is good, but could've been carried off better with actual speaking. But apart from that it's a decent movie with a nice end. No action really apart from the cliff heh.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Opera of Destruction [1.20 MB]
Operatives, The
Directed by: Rick Trimble
Released: July 2003
Preview Leigh announced that this movie would kick off the start of the Film Festival's PAMdemonium. Over the next few days a load of Pointless Action Movies (PAM) will be released! Sounds good. Anyways, about this movie. It's short but very sweet. It's a high-octane Matrix-esqe affair that succeeds in exciting. The animation was slick 'n' smooth and the simple scenery made sure that the eye wasn't distracted from the action. I liked the use of custom trench coats, and found the ending to be quite amusing. A nice entertaining watch.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Operatives, The [874 KB]
Operatives 2, The
Directed by: Rudi Edsall, Tristan Orr, Rick Trimble
Released: August 2004
Preview This is the real release of 'The Operatives 2'. A couple of months back Rudi, Tristan and Rick released a 'joke' version of this movie, confusing me somewhat. Anyway; short and sweet sums this up nicely. Other than Andres' yet-to-be-released 'Satanik' I don't think the XIII style comic-book feel has been done in 3dmm before. It was really neat to see such a style in a 3dmm movie. 10/10 for originality then. The custom scenery and the animation were both very good, and they had a few imaginative techniques to show off. There weren't many voices, but those that I did hear were good. The echoey effect magically made it sound professional. Music was also good, and the song suited the gunfight, in a very strange... twisted way. So yeah, a really good movie here despite it's length, or rather, lack of thereof. But it was apparently rushed for the film festival, so meh. Go watch!
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Operatives 2, The [1.39 MB]
Operatives 2, The (joke version)
Directed by: Rick Trimble
Released: June 2004
Preview Haha! A joke movie, but still great! Tristan took Rick's 2003 movie "The Operatives", and replaced it with Doraemon characters! A funny movie, the expressions are hilarious, and the end joke had me laughing out loud. A must download, as it's only a minute.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Operatives 2, The (joke version) [855 KB]
Osama's Heroes
Directed by: Jason Ruiz, Jynx
Released: September 2002
Preview So this is the highly anticipated 'Osama's Heroes'... Sadly, unfortunately, tragically... this classic comedy its unfinished. However, unlike most other unfinished movies this is pretty polished and complete. As for the comedy, this movie is fucking hilarious and extremely well executed. I particularly liked the taxi cab scene! Like all Ruiz's films, the animation, scenery and direction is superb. The voice acting was also quality - adding to the humor. The funniest thing since Sgt. Steve and unfortunately the last movie from both Ruiz and Jynx. Definitely worth the download. Review by Will Cheyney.

Fester and Jynx have become one of the most well known team-ups in the 3dmm Community. And yet it's mostly their flash stuff that people know them for; especially the Everyone Loves Dick series. However, their only real 3dmm team-up was this, a final 3dmm movie for both of them, unfinished, but yet still absolutely hilarious. And it even feels like a finished movie. While the movie was going to be about much more, this version can be summed up as being about people in the world before the 9/11 attacks. We meet lots of interesting characters, from Billy Bob, the trailer-park redneck, to the random Taliban guy, to Osama himself, one of the best HmC's in 3dmm at that point, and the best overall character in a 3dmm movie for 2002. And they all seem to have rounded personalities, especially the Taliban guy, when we even get a glimpse of his backstory. The scenery and animation are actually quite good, especially for when they were released, but that's not that Fester and Jynx are about. This movie is all about the laughs, and it pulls them off brilliantly. There wasn't a single minute in the movie when I wasn't holding my sides. From the dialogue between the FBI Agent and the taxi driver ("This, uh, this song's pretty ga-" "YOU ARE GAY!" has become one of my friend's favourite catchphrases.), to Osama watching Seinfeld (In an interesting development, the first episode of Seinfeld I ever watched had the part that Osama was watching in it.), to the Dune Coon Killer preview, which I believe was voted "Best Scene in a 3dmm Movie" in the 2002 awards, every scene is pure comedy. It does start to lose a little steam towards the end (Osama and the gang getting high isn't quite as funny as the rest.), but it doesn't taint the experience at all. Fester and Jynx quit 3dmm with the comedy of the year, and in all honesty, there's not been a funnier movie released since. Come back, guys. We miss you. Review by Tom Bown.

Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Osama's Heroes [8.91 MB]
Osama's Heroes Preview
Directed by: Jason Ruiz, Jynx
Released: May 2002
Preview This preview has a mixture of very old crappy animation (is it intentional for comedic effect??) and some quite good hand-made characters including Osama himself. I got the feeling it was just a crappy joke about September the 11th happening again this year, which is a bit lame and insensitive, but maybe they can pull it off. There were a couple of very funny bits though, so I think it'll be good with a decent plot.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Osama's Heroes Preview [697 KB]
Otis Cambell
Directed by: Stingy
Released: August 2003
Preview As with Cliffmoshers release yesterday, I had never seen any of Stingy's work before this. He's a new newbie and I've often seen him being grilled on the bulletin board. Anyway's, lets try and forget about that and just concentrate on the movie. Lets be blunt. This is the worst Film Festival release so far. it's boring, unimaginative and slow. The animation was jerky, the scenery wasn't very well put together and the music irritated. The only nice addition was the use of the new backgrounds the 3dmm Expansion Pack provides (which you will need to download before you watch this movies, obviously). But hey, at least Stingy's made an effort - even if he didn't manage to pull it off.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Otis Cambell [3.83 MB]