Lethal Intention
Directed by: Adam Shaw
Released: November 2000
Preview This is one of my favorite movies ever. I think Adam Shaw is an awesome director and a top guy - I love him to bits. Lethal Intention is a dramatic matrix style-esque movie. Despite the high octane gun fights, this movie is a lot deeper than you would think - its a truly emotional experience. The scenery is great, even now, and Adam has used the slow-motion card to great effect, perfecting it to a tee. When this was released, it was quite groundbreaking - the camera angles and animation used were very 'new-age'. A stunning piece of 3dmm history, and something everyone will enjoy. Download.
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
Lethal Intention [3.50 MB]
Lethal Intention 2
Directed by: Adam Shaw
Released: September 2002
Preview If only... unfortunately, this isn't really Lethal Intention 2 - its a joke movie plus a teaser for Adams new movie 'Lonely Soul' which was supposed to be released in November. The joke movie is actually quite good anyways making use of the Doraemon expansion pack and comical Liverpudlian accents. As for the trailer... WOW! It looks amazing. It being only a teaser though I can't really say much about it. I will have to chase Adam up about it when I next see him on MSN. Great stuff as always.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Lethal Intention 2 [1.55 MB]
Momentum Preview
Directed by: Adam Shaw
Released: September 2001
Preview This preview is simply stunning! The scenes are some of the best 3dmm has ever seen (reflection techniques). The animation is good, although the slow motion card has probably been a bit over used in 3dmm now. One animation technique which it utterly amazing, is Adams animated liquid. It is done so well, it actually looks like it's flowing! All the camera angles used are great too. One room I know for sure has been modeled on an actual room in Adams house. This is movie that will be worth downloading even if you have a 14k modem. You wont to miss this movie.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Momentum Preview [672 KB]