Directed by: Andrew Johnson
Released: August 2005
Preview No one will want to make a 3dmm movie ever again after watching this. In true Hollywood style, Mousenator has presented us with what is in my opinion, not only the best movie of '05, but the best movie ever created in 3D Movie Maker. Every new scene is eyepleasing, the camerawork is stunning and the whole feel to the movie is very professional. The storyline of this epic space exploration follows a crew of people who venture into a derelict space craft and get more than they had bargained for. There are so many amazing twists in this movie, I question whether the director gained professional help. The scripting is beautiful, the plot is superb, and it is carried off serenely, by a score of magnificant music and well used sound effects. Mousenator has slowly made his way into the realms of being one of the best 3dmm director's around. Everyone must see this masterpiece. Review by Richard Bevis - 10/10.

Andrew Johnsonís sophomore film, Derelict, is a deliciously tense science fiction thriller filled with startling moments and intriguing plotlines. Though not without its flaws, Derelict is a fantastic film in a genre that until now was missing from 3dmm. The story involves an independent squad of space heroes of sorts. They appeared to be mercenaries along the line of Star Fox, except for the fact that they didnít all like each other. These people are drawn to a downed military spacecraft on a remote planet to investigate a distress call, but before long it becomes apparent that they are in fact fighting for their lives. The presentation is easily the best part of the film, with some complex camera rotations lots of tense, tight shots, and a lot of atmospheric footage. That said, the film does seem to have itís share of overlong scenes. Too many times, the viewer is kept waiting for what to happen next. It works when the intensity is building, but other times it drags the mood down. The visuals are very good, despite some unclear scenery and a few crosshatching problems. Johnson and co.ís use of v3dmm is impressive, not saturating the film with models, rather using only what is necessary. Johnson uses v3dmm and solid colours to create some good lighting effects, which compliment the mood of the film tremendously. The sound is the low point of the movie. Too many scenes lacked sound or proper mixing of the sound, which at times contributed to the overlong scenesí noticeability. The voice acting was right on for the most part, though some characters appeared to have mic problems. Overall the film is the best horror/thriller achievement in 3dmm yet, much due to its focus on those aspects. Though the story had its fair share of tangled plot points, Johnsonís captivating style and great eye for tension power the movie past those problems, leading to a wonderful result. Review by Andrew Salter - 9/10.

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Derelict Teaser
Directed by: Andrew Johnson
Released: April 2005
Preview A teaser for Mousenator's next movie, and this looks awesome! Kinda like a mix between Alien and Nightmare From Space. But Derelict definitely looks better then NFS! And looks better as-well. Mousenator is excellent at 3dmm horrors, with his first movie, Fear and now this. Mousenator is fast becoming one of the best newbies around. Thing for him are extremely promising. This, I can't wait for. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
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