Domicile Destructo's Nightmare
Directed by: Apfigur
Released: May 2005
Preview It's odd to think that Swedes use programs hosted by blue Scots with pointy noses. Maybe they don't. Maybe Apfigur's copy of 3dmm is hosted by a husky blonde. Whatever the reason, he was drawn to make this small gem. Domicile Destructo has a nightmare. That's as much as I can give you without giving anything away. The brief story is enjoyably told, with scenes flashing by quickly, giving it a music video feel. The piece is well animated with smooth graphics and a sound track from The Mars Volta. The only qualm is the use of text boxes, but in a way they add to the charm. Actual vocals or, indeed, any sound outside of the music would change the movie's feel. A well constructed short, not to be missed! Review by Kayl.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Domicile Destructo's Nightmare [328 KB]