Star War
Directed by: Azhar Meyer
Released: June 2005
Preview This would be one of the few movies requiring the FPS patch, which has been almost unused for years. The idea to make a Star Wars spoof isnít a new one, and this seems to be retracing old paths. The story is pretty straightforward, but makes absolutely no sense in the timeline of Star Wars. In fact, it pretty much makes no sense whatsoever. Throwing together a bunch of Star Wars references, Star War is a severely disjointed and illogical. The movie makes heavy use of default scenery and default music. Some old favorites are in here, including Jungle Chase and the like. However, these are times where there is no excuse to use such things, and default scenery isnít that hard. There were some interesting effects. A brief lightsaber scene was well done. The final scene involving Jabba the Hutt was the best composed scene of the movie, and itís not saying much. The voice acting was below average. Although the filmmakers apologized in advance for Lukeís terrible voice, the fact remains that it was still terrible and grated on the ears. The rest of the voice acting wasnít any better, and the filmís sound really brought it down even more. If youíre incredibly bored, give this a download. Otherwise, steer clear. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Star War [2.27 MB]