3dmm Hotel Episode #0
Directed by: Tom Bown, Ryan Omega, Ben Rice
Released: August 2005
Preview I don't know if this was just me, but I didn't really think about the significance of the 'Episode #0' prefix attached to this movie. Anyone expecting a fully-fledged start to the series should get rid of the pretence immediately. This is mearly an introduction to the show - nothing short of a trailer. Written by Tom Town, '3dmm Hotel Episode #0' sets the stage for future instalments. Bown, Ben and Ryan Omega have decided upon opening a hotel in 3dmm town; much to the angst of a certain local. They arrive at the property only to find a derelict ruin. Un-flummoxed by the daunting take of renovation, the team quickly spruce the place up. There is some OK animation and the scenery was actually quite pretty - both as consistent as the other. On the whole, this introductory skit does set some fairly steady groundwork for the rest of the series to take upon, but I found the jokes, comedy and 'quirks' largely unfunny - sorry. I also didn't really get the point of including the silly DD-rip off ending, it just confused matters further. Review by Will Cheyney - 4/10.

A brief, hastily put together (or so it seems) pilot episode, 3dmm Hotel Zero stars Ben Rice and Ryan Omega who apparently are in possession of a hotel in 3dmm land which they have to spruce up. It doesn’t do much more than this. The plot simply involves these two polishing up the hotel with the help of a Tom Bown robot. The comedy swings and misses. The jokes aren’t funny and there aren’t enough of them, leaving this as a movie that is merely a visual shell. The presentation is fast and a bit dizzying at times. Many things appear to be happening on screen, but the camera lacks focus, and sometimes whizzes past the main focus. The visuals are the show’s saving grace. However, some textures are used multiple times for different objects, such as the mountains having the same texture as the grass, and some odd indoor textures. All in all, though, this is the best part of the thing. The sound is a let down. Ben Rice still has the nasty habit of breathing all over his mic and holding it much too far away. Ryan didn’t do his own voice, which led to wondering why he was there at all. The music and sound effects clashed too often, with the sound effects drowning out a lot of the music. The concept of a 3dmm Hotel sounds like an intriguing community comedy concept, however, it never manages to pay off its concept, or rustle up some genuine laughs, leaving the whole episode somewhat of a letdown. Review by Andrew Salter - 3/10.

Overall rating: 4/10 Download
3dmm Hotel Episode #0 [4.29 MB]
Ben's Halloween
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: October 2005
Preview Whenever watching something by Ben Rice, I always feel as though the intro and the credits are longer than the actual film. In this case it seems like a near certainty. Within the first two scenes you realise that it’s another of “those” movies. A movie with no plot, and a whole lot of shitty animation. Which, despite Rice’s best efforts, comes up quite short. Featuring classic Ben Rice hallmarks like, jumpy animation that seems to explode from nowhere, animation that doesn’t make sense, animation using needless dramatisation. So much so that it seems kind of sad. I mean, there were moments where I thought that it actually might lead somewhere, somewhere with some kind of meaning, but lamentably, this was not to be. It was pure mesh of frivolous animation stupidly mixed with scenes from movies that bear not even the slightest bit of relevance to Halloween. A Film Festival shouldn’t be a chance to slur out a movie of sub par quality just to fill space. Nice try Ben, But get back to work on ATOATM. Review by Advamc.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Ben's Halloween [1.22 MB]
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: November 2004
Preview This movie had some major flaws and yet some fairly good points. One of the first things I noticed about it was the extreme apparance of poor sound use. Not only are many default 3dmm sounds used, but they're often badly applied. The music and speech overlaps so much this film would be better suited using subtitles! All voice acting is done by Ben himself and everything is a bit messed up; everyone sounds pretty much the same. As for the animation, it had some very good sequences in contrast to some rather creaky "90's" style bits - aka slow and blocky. Overall, not a bad attempt at a first movie - just keep trying Ben and you'll get there very soon.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Deputy [6.33 MB]
Deputy: DVD Edition
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: December 2004
Preview What can I say? I only reviewed the original, non-dvd version last update! Pretty much the same as before, except with more bells and whistles. It includes a widescreen and non-widescreen version of the film, a director's commentary, trailers for upcoming movies, and other random things. I don't think the widescreen edition of the movie worked too well, however. At times it was obvious that the movie had never been intended for such an aspect ratio, and at several points during the film scenery, props and characters were wrongly cropped or obscured. Every DVD menu was also messed up; the scene numbers given were completely wrong - something that Ben should have noticed and remedied before it's release. If you haven't seen the original version of Deputy, or if you were a huge fan of it, this is defiantly worth checking out. It's early days for Mr. Rice, and things look quite promising.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Deputy: DVD Edition [27.64 MB]
Dylan's Forgotten Fate
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: December 2005
Preview "Dylan's Forgotten Fate" takes place before the events of Ben's major release this year, "The Handmade Character", telling of the fate of Dylan, the main character from "The Handmade Character". The film itself showcases some incredible animation and a story which may remind alot of viewers of "Redux". If you're a fan of Ben Rice's work, or want to continue watching the story of "The Handmade Character" unfold, I suggest you watch this film. Review by Jonny Anson.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Dylan's Forgotten Fate [1.90 MB]
Handmade Character, The
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: May 2005
Preview This movie is definitely Ben’s best movie to-date. The scenery is much better than in previous Ben Rice movies. Handmade-character-land was generally very well constructed, making good use of the expansions textures. Several members of the community assisted Ben with scenery creation including; Handmade Character, Mousenator and Jon Steele. The voice acting wasn’t bad but wasn’t that good either - some parts were fine, but other bits were very quiet making it a struggle to hear anything the characters were saying. I thought the plot was pretty solid, but perhaps not at all what you might be expecting. It also had a shorter runtime than I had envisaged. Even if you haven't liked any of Ben's previous work I believe this movie is still worth a look. Overall, a decent movie with a fairly good plot and some nice animation. Review by Matt Allen.

The Handmade Character has been hyped quite a bit, that's for sure. The danger in that, as everyone knows, is it can wreck a movie. It comes pretty close, but it seems Ben has skirted most of it. This is the first Ben Rice flick I've seen. Sorry Ben, haven't quite been able to finish Deputy. I'm working on it, but... In the meantime, this should help you out. The Handmade Character is a solid effort by Ben, at least as far as visuals go. HMC suffers from the lack of a solid plot and uneven emotions, while still being visually compelling. If there is one, I didn't get it. I'd like to think, though, that it was because there wasn't much of a solid plot to begin with. HMC is based on the sudden appearance of an HMC in the pre-made character world. For some reason, he is a god. Maybe because he can change, maybe because he's different, but whatever it is, it just so happens that he becomes... famous? So the HMC goes out into the world and is asked to do all sorts of things and is stared at, and stuff. Then he gets fed up with it and decides to go home. I missed what was wrong with the other world, and why everyone wanted him there in the first place. This rendered the closing monologue pointless and out of nowhere. Something I'd like to see in Ben's future is a well fleshed out script and plot. I'd like to see what he does with it. Ben's getting better here, from what I've seen of his last efforts. HMC doesn't have too many panning scenes in comparison with still shots. The action all happens in still shots. Ben does show a lot of promise with the cinematic effects he uses. Many panned scenes are well executed, and done properly. Some were done by people other than Ben, but they didn't completely stick out. The great reviews have been from people putting so much emphasis on visuals and improvement. I, as you can tell, do not focus on visuals nearly as much as others, but they still are a great thing to have. It's the visuals on this movie that are the star of the show. Sure, the HMC itself is not as smoothly composed as it might have been, and his animations don't stand up to character animators like Goro (ahh! Haven't reviewed one of Goro's yet!), but he shows remarkable progress and promise. Ben has taken into his young hands an ambitious project of making a movie with a HMC star, and come out mostly scathe free. To be fair, some of the scenery was created by other directors, but Ben has managed to make it so it's hard to tell the difference, so I applaud him. The dialogue was, in a word, uneven. There were some quiet parts, some loud parts, but far less popping than Deputy. Ben's use of voice actors was good, though there probably could have been some better acting from some of them. I'm not going to name them, because I didn't keep score. The music had me scratching my head a bit. It seemed a bit overblown for the plot that was in place. Lord of the Rings definitely didn't fit in. I think Ben could have done with some more subtle, appropriate music to back up the lacklustre plot. The Hand Made Character is a great improvement from Ben Rice's previous efforts. He shows great potential, and I'm looking forward to seeing him mature. HMC is not without some big faults, especially in the story-aspect. This movie could have been much better, but I look forward to what's to come. Review by Andrew Salter.

Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Handmade Character, The [6.74 MB]
Laugh and a Half
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: December 2004
Preview Ben Rice's very first movie and my(!), how he's improved - in such a short space of time! But anyway, oh dear. This movie is basically complete trash. Default scenery; rubbish, annoying music; poor humor and shit voice acting. I was sorely tempted to press stop and forget all about this almost as soon as the movie had started. Actually, saying that, the was ONE mildly ok'ish scene with the handmade Predator character. Overall it isn't funny and not even worth downloading. The title lies; it's not even 'half' a laugh. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Laugh and a Half [1.74 MB]
Laugh and a Half 2
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: March 2005
Preview A short movie made by Ben Rice, but unfortunately, the comedy in this movie doesn't live up to what is promised in the title. The animation and scenery are good, and show a huge improvement for Ben, but the plot is stupid, the voices are horrible, and the humour, if you can call it that, barely raised a smile. Overall, a nice effort by Ben as far as 3dmming skills go, but he should stay far away from comedies, and stay even further away from his microphone. Review by Tom Bown.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Laugh and a Half 2 [1.89 MB]
Nightmare from Space (unfinished)
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: June 2005
Preview Ben Rice has since moved on to other projects, so Nightmare from Space has officially been scrapped. From the looks of the unfinished version, it was unlikely to improve on Rice's latest movie, The Handmade Character. Nightmare from Space (NFS) is plagued by a pretty bad script. One thing Rice should do is work on getting his script edited by a third party before continuing. There were too many unneccesary scenes, and many lines that could use polishing. The presentation of NFS is pretty basic. Although the camera moves a fair amount, it's pretty standard as far as angles go. Some scenes are framed so badly it's unclear where the action is taking place. The visuals are not spectacular, but they're not horrendous. There are many times where the textures mush into zigzags instead of how they're supposed to look. NFS also has another downside, and that is that the titular "Nightmare" creature isn't that scary. In fact, it's somewhat comical. The rounded shapes used to create it make it look cartoony. Sound is widely ranged. Some dialog is good, but faint, while others sound like they're being recorded on a telephone inside a echoey metal chamber that's submerged in a water tank in an airplane. The concept is cool, some effects are well done, but the weighty script and slow plot, not to mention the dialog bring down the movie. Though it's a shame to see it unfinished, Ben is best served by moving on. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Nightmare from Space (unfinished) [7.50 MB]
Nightmare from Space Trailer
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: April 2005
Preview Ben Rice's incredibly hyped movie Nightmare From Space gets another trailer. This shows more of the interesting-looking plot, and the animation was good too. However, most of the scenery was pretty old-looking and the voice stammered too much. The end of the trailer does show a large improvement, so I can only hope that the rest of the movie lives up to this. Review by Tom Bown.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Nightmare from Space Trailer [296 KB]
Tale of a Toy Monkey - Rise of the Toys Teaser
Directed by: Ben Rice
Released: June 2005
Preview While this teaser for 'Tale of a Toy Monkey - Rise of the Toys' is definitely not the very best I've seen, it's still not a bad preview of things to come. Camera movements are smooth, scenery good, and the character animation isn't too shabby, but something is lacking. It doesn't seem to have the appeal a good preview should have. The attempt at making shadows was creative but poorly engineered. The hand-made characters are cleverly designed, showing characteristics of both real and cartoon characters. The worse part of it though, is the sound quality. Although better than most movies on the site, it seems a little choppy and the music doesn't fit right. If you don't mind me making a suggestion for this movie, I think the sound quality would be 100% better if you wrote a voice script and got the music you needed and recorded it all at once. Even if it's a 30 minute to an hour movie, it would be worth the time investment. I wouldn't use the default sound effects either, if you want sound effects record them when you record the voices and music. Just be creative. For example, to make a noise like a person walking just get a few loafers and tap them on a desk or a few 2" wooden blocks tapped on a metal garbage can lid would make a great sound effect for someone crawling in the vents of a building. Just a suggestion. Review by Peter Marise.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Tale of a Toy Monkey - Rise of the Toys Teaser [1.69 MB]