Cracking Good Fun
Directed by: Buzvonlurt
Released: October 2004
Preview This is a wonderful surprise from Buzvonlurt. I really wasn't expecting such a great little film, but that's what I got. A man's car breaks down, and he then is requested to help a man who is being chased by an alien. It may sound simple, but it's well presented, and provides several twists. Characters in this film are well developed through simply dialogue and action, and it's impressive. Visually, this movie is above today's average, but just below the 'standard'. The scenery was good enough to let the viewer know where the actors are. Overall, this is an interesting and fun movie that I recommend to all.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Cracking Good Fun [2.35 MB]
Directed by: Buzvonlurt
Released: February 2004
Preview It's en evitable, really. After the release of any Hollywood blockbuster, 3dmm movie counterparts are never far behind. With the release of 'Pirates of the Caribbean' last year, I expected a budding enthusiast to just aboard the pirate bandwagon. Movies that follow such a trend are usually bloody awful. When I received this movie in my inbox and saw the title, I instantly assumed it would be rubbish. However, I was wrong! Right from the start, the jokes and comedy are hilarious, making up for the overall, shoddy (I never said non-effective!) scenery. A good 'laff!
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Pirates [6.82 MB]