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Assassin at the Stupid Fucking N00b Headquarters
Directed by: Cal Flavell
Released: April 2003
Preview An awesome movie by Cal here. An unknown assassin infiltrates the "stupid fucking n00b headquarters" and guess what?! Inside are all the n00bs of the BB! Cal starts of with a horror type of movie resolving in fast action and killings. The scenery is good and the camera movements are done perfectly. Some parts are hilarious as aswell! Overall this is an excellent piece of work. A basic storyline with awesome action provides for me the right entertainment I need to get through the day.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Assassin at the Stupid Fucking N00b Headquarters [2.34 MB]
Ghostline & Edsallor Compilation
Directed by: Cal Flavell, Tristan Orr, Rudi Edsall
Released: July 2001
Preview Another nice compilation movie which brings together animation showpieces from these three director's films as well as some original action made specially for the preview. It's all very action-packed and hopefully these three will work on some projects together.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Ghostline & Edsallor Compilation [2.31 MB]
Killer 3, The
Directed by: Cal Flavell
Released: January 2001
Preview No plot, no voices, just pure action. Terrific special effects, camera and good scenery. Basically, a big gun battle and no plot needed! Some decent weapon-related WAVs. Appropriate music. Overall, a sweet short movie - if only he'd release a long action movie with a plot as well.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Killer 3, The [580 KB]