Directed by: Chibayuu
Released: March 2003
Preview ?????????!!!!?. This is what you'll be saying to yourself if you get to watch this film. It is also the first Japanese movie added to 3dmm Studio. Personally, I suggest you do just so you can feel what I am feeling right now. From what I can tell this is a Kirby movie, but I have absolutely no idea what's going on, so that's just an educated guess. The cheesey music is the saving grace of this film.
Overall rating: 1/10 Download
Hoshinokabi [259 KB]
Selected Battle Person, The
Directed by: Chibayuu
Released: April 2003
Preview Much like the first Chibayuu film that I reviewed, all I can say is, ?????????!!!!? - yes, another Japanese movie. I think I must be missing something because these movies are making absolutely no sense at all, probably because I don't have any Japanese fonts installed. Download and see for yourself why this is the ultimate 'what the hell' movie.
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
Selected Battle Person, The [1.02 MB]