Directed by: Denny Betterman, Daniel Martin
Released: August 2005
Preview A hilarious chain movie by Dan and Denny here, done in the WTDA style. At 52 minutes long, it's not exactly short, but it's so fast-paced it feels like 10 minutes. The animation is fucking amazing, proving that Dan and Denny have mastered that craft. Scenery wasn't bothered with much in the movie, but it all works somehow. The voices are all pretty funny, and although there wasn't a plot, there were plenty of random hilarious moments that had me laughing my ass off, as well as some truly spectacular action scenes. Overall, an incredibly funny little short with some excellent animation that should be seen by everyone. Review by Tom Bown - 9/10.

After a long wait '5dmm' has finally been unleashed upon the community for us to see! Dan and Denny are two of the best animators around in 3dmm at the moment, and knowing that a movie has been made between the two of them, guarantees it to be something special. 5dmm quite a very clever title it's short for "Dan And Dennys Delightful Dimensional D'chainy Mega Movie" GET IT!? 5DMM!! BAHAHAHA! But in all seriousness the two directors have the same style of humour and because of that this is an absolute hoot to watch. Like the classic series "Whos The Director Anyway?" this movie is just a huge bunch of wacky adventures. The only real bad thing I didn't like about 5dmm is the sub-par scenery consistent throughout. Admittedly though, Dan himself stated that they had taken the stance of "fuck scenery". The guys weren't really bothering with making much of an effort in this department, instead, mainly focusing on animation and giving us some hilairious visuals, huge fight scenes and car chases to remember; all-in-all it makes Diabolical Delightment look a bit like a church sermon. This may be one of the biggest PAMs since 'JDR Revival' etc. and like most of them, they succed to impress if you are a PAM fan. It's a good thing I don't mind them and I loved this flick. This Film Fest is gold so far and shaping up to be the best yet! Review by Ben Rice - 8/10.

Denny Betterman and Daniel Martin have teamed up to create this offbeat, entertaining bit of work, and the wackiness runs rampant. Though lack of a plot and some sound problems stand out, 5dmm is an energetic piece demonstrating fun animation and a certain ambition. There

Overall rating: 8/10 Download
5dmm [15.48 MB]
20 Ways to Ruin Christmas
Directed by: Daniel Martin
Released: December 2004
Preview A very funny short by Dan showing 20 hilarious scenes of Christmas being ruined by a random person. There is jokes at every corner, including the blowing up toy shops, the ripping off of a fake Santa's beard, the killing of the postman with all the letters to Father Christmas, having a shit in someone's stocking and the setting fire of a Christmas tree. It has some great scenery, no voices to really worry about listening to, and some terrific explosion effects. It's not for the faint hearted and/or people who don't like seeing horrible happenings at this festive time of year - just something I thought I'd mention as a disclainer, you know, incase poor Dan gets a load of complaints from angry American's and ends up in court for "offending someone's feelings" at Christmas and ends up being found as guilty as a puppy sitting next to a pile of poo! Download and have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
20 Ways to Ruin Christmas [1.70 MB]
Actors Day
Directed by: Daniel Martin
Released: September 2004
Preview Imagine the 3dmm actors in their own little world, where people live out there lives within areas like 'Expansionville' or 'Prop Town'. Got it? Good. Now imagine that a movie was made showcasing the lives of various 3dmm actors and their lives. Have you got that trapped inside your head yet? Good. Now, totally forget all of that, because imagination is no longer necessary with Dan's latest flick. Like pretty much all of Dan's work that I've seen, this movie is pretty kooky with totally pwnifying animation that puts all others to shame. SHAME. The laugh-o-level in this little flick has beautiful timing. Dan is definitely more so one for slapstick comedy than the other - sometimes considered more 'civilised' - types of chortle carpentry. A lovely little movie that, although short, is fun to watch if you haven't already
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Actors Day [4.71 MB]
JDR Revival
Directed by: Daniel Martin
Released: June 2004
Preview There are 3dmm movies that wil make you happy. There are 3dmm movies that will make you laugh. There are 3dmm movies that will have you feeling for the characters, shouting instructions at them as they carry out their quest. JDR Revival accomplishes all of these in one fell swoop, and there is no doubt in my mind that it is the greatest 3dmm movie ever made. If Daniel Martin has accomplished one thing in 3dmm, it is creating his own unique style. As you watch characters fight, explode, and die, it seems almost Maltby-ish, and yet is much more. Dan has evolved from his previous work into one of the best 3dmm directors there is, creating a 45-minute epic along the way. And all done in about 3 months. Bloody hell. The movie starts off where JDR Revolutions, it's excellent predecessor left off, with Dominant Dan leaving Boundless Ben to die, only for him to come back to life and become one of the most hilarious villians ever done in 3dmm. In fact, every character is excellently well-rounded. From the hilarious scientist Waumsley to the troop leader Zack, it's as if Dan has hacked 3dmm and made the characters his own, and it it helped by the best cast list ever done in 3dmm. I never really thought of Dan, Mike, and Justin as great voice acotrs anymore, but now I think of them as some of the best. Even so, Jon Barton stole the show with his portrayal of Dan. His voice completely suits the part, and this, along with Liquid Sunshine, puts him alongside Jaymond in the "Top Voice Actors" chair. It is obvious from the outset how much Dan has improved at 3dmm since Revolutions. From the sleekness of Ben's lab, to the incredible explosions, Dan has well and truly mastered 3dmm. The animation is something to behold as well. While the movie seems a little slow-paced at the start, when Waumsley loads up his training program, you'll realize all is right in the wacky world of JDR. When a scientist's head slides across the table, when Dan slices his sword across Ben's chest, when Dan makes the motorbike scene from TH2 look even better then before, it is obvious he is nearly as good as Redwamps in terms of animation. Overall? Overall this is a 3dmm classic, one to treasure. If ever a 3dmm movie should be made into a real one, it's this. (And Revolutions.) Dan has moved the goalposts of 3dmm to create an amazing movie that squashed all others before it. As many anticipated movies come out this year, such as Doom 3, Ninja Gaiden 2, and Alternate Vlarion 4, I will be interested to see how they can stand up to this work of art. This is the year of the 3dmm, guys, and don't you forget it. Review by Will Cheyney.

Dan's asked me awhile ago to give this a review, and I've been putting it off so that I could re-watch the movie before I came out with the review. It's 1:30AM PDT, and I've finally managed to get around to it. JDR Revival is an action flick that boasts the animation and quirky humor as its main draw, and it is its great strength. Though thin on the plot line, JDR Revival manages to be an entertaining action movie throughout the majority of its forty-minute reign of the screen. The story of JDR involves 3 guys fighting evil stuff. That's as basic as it gets, and that's about as developed as it gets. JDR was nearly completely wiped out at the conclusion of the last movie, with only the D (of course Dan would let himself survive) remaining. D revival would be a boring movie, so the other ones find ways of coming back to life, such as appealing to a handmade God. One can only assume that the guy upstairs has done this before. The villain is Boundless Ben. Why? Ummmmm... cause he is. This is a big plot hole. What the heck is wrong with Ben that he'd want to take over the world/kill JDR? We never find out. In fact, it seems to be so irrelevant to the show going on that Martin doesn't even try and explain it. The fact that there's a villain that we have no reason to hate makes sticking with the movie to have a great plot fly out the window before it even starts. There doesn't seem to be any motivation whatsoever. Thankfully, Martin manages to make JDR more than just a Pointless Action Movie. How? The villain can't be killed, and there has to be some sort of "weird, dodgy" way to kill him. It adds variety, and saves Revival from being a straight-out PAM, albeit narrowly. But it's FUN to watch! I've heard tell that Martin doesn't use SceneED to get things done, and does it the old-fashioned way. It works in this movie, because all the action is that frenzied, motion-blur sort of action that doesn't need razor-sharp panning or motion. Martin's camera is slick and skilful. I was going to say creative, but the slo-mo thing's been done before. Of note is that Martin's skills at implementing slo-mo and other camera effects are very good. Martin's camera is very well suited to an action movie, especially one that gets to go into space. Martin does revert to a lot of standard angles, and some of the scenes do jump around from take to take, but that's sometimes unavoidable. Martin's animation is great fun to watch. There's a lot of energy in this movie, most of it coming from the camera. It doesn't look like the director got bored at the end, like some movies tend to do. Martin keeps the high energy level he reaches (takes a bit to get to) up until the credits. To go along with the camera are some very sound visuals. The composition of everything from space ships to... space ships are very good looking. There are some texture problems that we should notice. The big ones occur in some of the pans and zooms. There is a lot of texture flickering in these scenes. This is easy to ignore for most people, as it's a pretty common occurrence in 3DMM, but it does tend to get intrusive at some points. There are also some pretty sterile environments, such as hallways and generic rooms, but they're interspersed with places that really shine. Some scenes are really composed great. Rory's rebirth includes some very slick and great to look at visuals, and there are other scenes as well, but you're better off watching for yourself. Also of note are some great visual gags that Martin throws all over the place. Especially funny is the reappearance of Jeffrey, and Dan's hilarious reaction. There are also several little gags involving doors opening and such, and they're also funny. I was bugged by some of the music. Whenever it came in, it was very loud, to a point where I was often adjusting my speakers between scenes to keep the sound balanced. Overall, it wasn't bad. Some of the pieces went great with the scenes, but there were a few that didn't really click. I think it was Goro who mentioned that JDR Revival contains the worst use of the Godzilla sound effect EVER, and I'd have to agree on that. There is a lot of use of the standard 3DMM sound library, but always in just the right places, with a lot of Martin's own sounds interspersed throughout the movie to keep things fresh and interesting. The voices were also well done. Jon Barton comes off the best of the cast with his portrayal of Dan. Jon seemed very aware of the contexts of the line and his character as a whole. He fit with his part the best. Jaymond also comes through well in this one too. However, his lines were often very soft and, yes, Waumsley's voice does completely change halfway through the movie. The explanation seems to be written in the credits, where there was a break between the lines, and Jaymond simply forgot what voice he was using. It didn't bother me too much, though. Both voices were interesting to listen to. This was definitely written by a Brit, noting from some of the terms used in the movie, and it was entertaining listening to Justin and Jaymond saying the British dialect in more American sounding ways. I laughed out loud when Boundless Ben said "Ahh! Bollocks!" It sounded very out of place, but it just made Ben's character even more absurd, which you could say was the point. Normally, thin-plotted action movies don't fare very well in my review system. This one, however was just so much fun to watch, thanks to Dan's keen eye of what's entertaining. It seems to delight in the fact that it is a pure animation piss contest taking the easy win, and the energy that flows through the movie is infectious and fun. It improves bounds and leaps over Revolutions. I look forward to more from Dan Martin. Review by Andrew Salter.

Overall rating: 10/10 Download
JDR Revival [18.48 MB]
JDR Revolutions
Directed by: Daniel Martin
Released: January 2004
Preview This movie came out of nowhere, sent to Dragon Films by a previously unknown director, and quickly came the best movie of 2004. Mixing the sci-fi elements of the Vlarion series with the pointless killing of DD, Dan created himself an extremely entertaining film starring himself and his friends. Some awesome action scenes, with great animation, scenery that, although not the best, does the job very well, and a plot that, although overused, was made a lot better with the inclusion of some great comedy. It's not a perfect movie. The text boxes can be annoying and some of the jokes don't gel, but overall it's an excellent romp that should go down in 3dmm History, and also proves that it's not only people in the community that can make great movies. NOTE: To be able to watch this movie correctly, you need to copy everything from your "Expansions" folder to your "3d Movie Maker" folder, but remember to delete them afterwards!
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
JDR Revolutions [12.06 MB]
Sniper at James Quicksells 18th Birthday HQ, The
Directed by: Daniel Martin
Released: October 2004
Preview A random short by Mr. JDR. Jeff, Dan and Rory plan to crash Orcus's 18th birthday party but their wacky plan goes wrong. Although it's a fairly weak story (but then again, it IS a sniper movie) the scenery or animation it great. I mean after all... it IS Dan Martin! Definitely worth a watch if you love Dans movies. Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Sniper at James Quicksells 18th Birthday HQ, The [945 KB]