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Killing Spree
Directed by: Dash, Tucker Hime
Released: May 2004
Preview I asked if Tom would review this movie for 3dmm Studio. He sent me his review which simply read, "It sucks.". Now, as much as I would love to have included just that statement in the review I feel it deserves just a little more criticism. The movie is a duel effort, directed and compiled in much the same way as Brad Ross' and Guy Collins' 'The Fight'. For those of you not familiar with the concept I shall briefly outline it for you (Those who are, can just skip this part out). One director kicks the movie off with an opening scene. He/she then sends this to the second director and he/she then directs the next scene. They then send all of this back to the first director again and repeat this process until the movie is complete. Now, Guy and Brad pulled it off extremely well. Dash and Tucker haven't been quite as successful. I found it extremely tedious to watch all the way through and it makes movies such as NTA's 'P.A.M.' feel as though they have a compelling plot. None of it makes ANY sense. The animation and scenery is boring and non-impressive. The duffer of the Film Festival.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Killing Spree [3.15 MB]