Directed by: Dave Dynamite
Released: September 2000
Preview Action flick about a psycho out to hold the planet to ransom. Typical cliché action movie plot. Maybe if it had any tension it would be something. The first half of the movie is filled with lots of people getting shot [and the same annoying sounds over and over again] and the killings are either done very simply or not even shown - we just see the blood, which is never very good anyway. Some really bad bits of scripting too such as 'All my pots are destroyed', 'You're lucky to be alive' and 'But all my pots are destroyed'... ughhh. Now, most of the scenes are just the ones that come with 3dmm though he has played around with putting shapes in for different things like exploding glass, vases and the like. Even a car. But it's all really underdone. He has attempted some FX such as fire, not very successfully but kudos to him for trying. The use of MIDIs (the obvious Beverly Hills Cop theme features a few times for instance) is annoying and often the voices are poor in quality. Overall: One scene has the following line of dialogue: 'Nothing ever good on TV is there?'. Ironic when you consider this isn't very good. Oh it goes through the motions and is ok to watch but there's far better movies around.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
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