3dmm Mole - Episode 1
Directed by: David Crowe
Released: April 2002
Preview This is a spinoff of the popular TV gameshow, The Mole, using members of the 3dmm community: Jeff Ching, Fester Freelance, Andres De La Hoz, Metalchick (Jamie Chapman), Gustave, Space Goat, Brad Ross, Tuna Hematoma, Will Maltby and Vivalavova (Greg Arnov). The first mission is to stay the night in a haunted forest. Sounds like a fun idea, but this movie misses the mark. With such well-known 3dmmers, this could've been a great movie but it just starts to turn into weak jokes and ridiculously exaggerated characters. It sometimes comes off as a hate movie, because it seems obvious to as which 3dmmers the director doesn't like. Not many of the parodies of the characters made me think, 'Wow, he nailed that guy on the head!', although Jeff Ching's masturbation scene and the one liner with Gustave was pretty funny. The voice acting makes me cringe; it's just the director, David Crowe, putting on funny voices, but sounding just too silly to be believable. The scenery and animation is average and rather newbieish, but otherwise comes off okay. The music is also used really well with the animation. Overall, I didn't really enjoy this movie much because it was just too stupid. Hopefully the next episode will be better.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
3dmm Mole - Episode 1 [3.05 MB]
3dmm Mole - Episode 2
Directed by: David Crowe
Released: June 2002
Preview This is little better than the last one, and begins to feel more like a TV show. The scenery and animation is a little better, but the end scene with MetalChick looked terrible. The voice acting gets worse as suddenly for no reason at the end Andres gets a funny accent and Will Maltby turns Cuban, although the scariest part of the voice acting is that David Crowe can do a girl's voice really well and MetalChick's orgasmic voice sounded very believable. Aaaaaaaaagh!! There are still the lame jokes and pay outs that make the show tedious and silly, and even a joke from the previous episode but this time round, not being very funny.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
3dmm Mole - Episode 2 [5.21 MB]
3dmm Mole - Episode 3
Directed by: David Crowe
Released: August 2002
Preview This one actually made me laugh. Crowe resorts to much more random humor, which was totally unpredictable at some times. The actual 3dmm mole storyline, however, is still as stale as the others in the series. It seems apparent that Crowe is making up all the dialogue on the spot as it seems rushed and awkward, but he doesn't seem to have edited it very well either. His ridiculous voice acting now lacks in effort, and only comes in two modes: high and low. It seems that the only characteristics Crowe knows about these people are that metalchick is slutty, jeff has a perverted sense of humor that requires a lot of masturbation, gustave is immature, Brad Ross is an Aussie and Will Maltby is British! Oh well. It's still somewhat the funniest episode of the series so far, but lacking in the actual movie making department.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
3dmm Mole - Episode 3 [5.28 MB]
3dmm Mole - Episode 4
Directed by: David Crowe
Released: September 2002
Preview 3dmm Mole 4 starts off with David Crowe promoting his upcoming movie in a weird voice i couldn't understand. Ok... It seems the series isn't really going to change from the cheap pay outs and newbie scenery, so I guess you're all going to have to get used to it. This episode features a very silly and funny song sung by Will Maltby which is a good reason to download this one. It's still a bit short, and at the end Crowe promises the next half of the series will be better. Thank god. Then he sings a song and sounds like Michael Jackson having an orgasm. Oh dear.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
3dmm Mole - Episode 4 [3.88 MB]
3dmm Mole - Episode 5
Directed by: David Crowe
Released: December 2002
Preview The previous installment of 3dmm Mole promised that the next half of the series will be better, and he's right. This episode is actually a lot better, with a funny mini story at the beginning featuring who seems to be Crowe's favorite character to pick on, Jeff. The challenge scene was entertaining to watch but IF I SEE ANOTHER 3DMM PENIS I'M GOING TO ... UM... KILL EVERYONE. Yeah.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
3dmm Mole - Episode 5 [4.10 MB]
3dmm Mole - Episode 6
Directed by: David Crowe
Released: February 2003
Preview This is probably the funniest episode of 3dmm Mole. David Crowe has again played around with the intro by making a nice montage of past episodes, really giving it that TV show feel. He's also improved in animation and scenery. There's some entertaining mini stories with jeff getting his dick reattached and Brad going on a date. Some of the jokes that went for a long time I thought were pretty lame, but were saved by great punchlines at the end. I just realised there's a lot of jokes stolen from 3dmm hospital, Powerplay and Community Clash, but somehow it's still original.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
3dmm Mole - Episode 6 [5.45 MB]
3dmm Mole - Episode 7 (Finale)
Directed by: David Crowe
Released: April 2003
Preview This was pretty short and you can tell David got bored at the end while making this. It starts with a cute HMC ad, then goes into a storyline involving the seemingly psychotic Andres De La Hoz taking over the show. There's a really funny but silly running joke as well, and an entertaining scene where voice clips of the actual 3dmmers are used (stolen from movies, of course!). But goddammit, there's another 3dmm penis! I'm so sick of those! There's supposedly going to be another 3dmm Mole movie explaining how the mole did what he did, and all that behind the scenes kind of stuff. Even though I wasn't really that impressed by the whole series, it's kind of grown on me and I'm curious to see it. 7/10 for this one.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
3dmm Mole - Episode 7 (Finale) [5.42 MB]