Directed by: Denny Betterman, Daniel Martin
Released: August 2005
Preview A hilarious chain movie by Dan and Denny here, done in the WTDA style. At 52 minutes long, it's not exactly short, but it's so fast-paced it feels like 10 minutes. The animation is fucking amazing, proving that Dan and Denny have mastered that craft. Scenery wasn't bothered with much in the movie, but it all works somehow. The voices are all pretty funny, and although there wasn't a plot, there were plenty of random hilarious moments that had me laughing my ass off, as well as some truly spectacular action scenes. Overall, an incredibly funny little short with some excellent animation that should be seen by everyone. Review by Tom Bown - 9/10.

After a long wait '5dmm' has finally been unleashed upon the community for us to see! Dan and Denny are two of the best animators around in 3dmm at the moment, and knowing that a movie has been made between the two of them, guarantees it to be something special. 5dmm quite a very clever title it's short for "Dan And Dennys Delightful Dimensional D'chainy Mega Movie" GET IT!? 5DMM!! BAHAHAHA! But in all seriousness the two directors have the same style of humour and because of that this is an absolute hoot to watch. Like the classic series "Whos The Director Anyway?" this movie is just a huge bunch of wacky adventures. The only real bad thing I didn't like about 5dmm is the sub-par scenery consistent throughout. Admittedly though, Dan himself stated that they had taken the stance of "fuck scenery". The guys weren't really bothering with making much of an effort in this department, instead, mainly focusing on animation and giving us some hilairious visuals, huge fight scenes and car chases to remember; all-in-all it makes Diabolical Delightment look a bit like a church sermon. This may be one of the biggest PAMs since 'JDR Revival' etc. and like most of them, they succed to impress if you are a PAM fan. It's a good thing I don't mind them and I loved this flick. This Film Fest is gold so far and shaping up to be the best yet! Review by Ben Rice - 8/10.

Denny Betterman and Daniel Martin have teamed up to create this offbeat, entertaining bit of work, and the wackiness runs rampant. Though lack of a plot and some sound problems stand out, 5dmm is an energetic piece demonstrating fun animation and a certain ambition. Thereís no story to speak of, as the movie is made in the ďWhoís the director, anyways?Ē format introduced by Mike and Justin. The last frame of the last scene is sent to the next director, who takes over the movie. When a bit of plot does come into focus in the later part of the film, it becomes clear that a plot all along would have helped things a bit. However, given the style of film, itís easy to forget that nothing of substance is going on. The presentation is slick. Itís full of handheld cameras, stylish cinematography and breakneck action. This is the high point of the film, and itís interesting to see Betterman and Martin bounce off each other, with two distinct but complimentary styles. The visuals are decent, though the fast speed of most scenes renders detailed scenery unimportant, stationary shots are well composed, so that itís always clear where the actionís taking place. Sound has a few issues, most of them being lack of consistency in the voices. At times itís unclear who exactly is talking (short of checking the clothing, that is), and some scenes are completely silent altogether. This only detracts very slightly from the wild fun these two seemed to have together. Part of the reason this movie works is the fact that the whole time, Dan and Denny seem to be having lots of fun constructing scenario after ridiculous scenario over and over again. Review by Andrew Salter - 8/10.

Overall rating: 8/10 Download
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