Doughboy's Hair-Raising Tale of General Enthusiasm
Directed by: Doughboy
Released: October 2004
Preview A modern twist on the classic tale of a man who was told he was going to die. Doughboy has spent quite a lot of time on this, and it shows. We get a very polished and professional film. From start to finish, I was glued to the screen. The characters are made to be superbly believable through brilliant voice acting and breathtaking animation. The only negative aspects I could find in this film were the volume of several voices, and actions that seemed out of place. Congrats Doughboy.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Doughboy's Hair-Raising Tale of General Enthusiasm [3.45 MB]
Killing Ramza Brave
Directed by: Doughboy, Thomas Bown
Released: December 2003
Preview Christmas 03 Film Festival movie #5. A ridiculous movie about Doughboy and Thomas Bown on a mission to kill Ramza Brave, with rubbishy DD rip-off parts. OK, so for the two newbies, this wasn't actually all that bad - especially when you consider their track record. The movie was just slow and boring and had nothing really going for it. Within the first 2 minutes of watching, you could already tell how to movie would end. It wasn't very clever nor remotely funny. Also included in the zip is a movie containing the deleted scenes. Another thing; the building in scene 27 Jorrit made for me! That building is the 3dmm Studio headquarters, not the bulletin board. Boys.. you have some explaining to do!
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Killing Ramza Brave [7.10 MB]
Trick or Treat
Directed by: Doughboy, Thomas Bown
Released: October 2003
Preview My review: Lame. Shit voice acting. Shit plot. Shit animation. Awful custom scenery (when used). Improper use of words. Bollocks attempt to be funny (Jason Ruiz wannabe's?) Almost turned it off. Why am I adding it to the site? WHY did the directors admit to the movie being unfunny?! Avoid like the plague.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Trick or Treat [1.89 MB]