Liberi Fatali
Directed by: Dustin Guest
Released: March 2000
Preview A very impressive movie back in it's day. It's just a fight scene, and although the custom scenery isn't too hot, the animation is done very well and the movie has a very film-like atmosphere. It's a shame 3dmm's frame rate is so slow because it's movies like this that really need a higher frame-rate. Perhaps it would benefit from 3dmm FPS... Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Liberi Fatali [636 KB]
Men of Seattle
Directed by: Dustin Guest
Released: August 1999
Preview I haven't bothered to put this up till now, but since the release of MOS 2, I thought it was about time I added it. This is an epic action/mafia movie and undoubtedly still a benchmark for all movies of this genre. It is hugely sophisticated, and certainly has one of the strongest plots of any 3dmm movie. The end is also surprisingly moving considering it's just a 3dmm movie. The voice talent is superb and the dynamic camera work added mountains of atmosphere. As with most of Dustin's movies however, it isn't very well optimised - hence the HUGE file size. Overall: superb.
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
Men of Seattle [14.49 MB]
Men of Seattle 2 (unfinished)
Directed by: Dustin Guest
Released: March 2003
Preview Sadly unfinished, Dustin has released MOS 2 to the community. In my opinion, it stands as one of the greatest 3dmm movies ever. The story and character development is superb - never before have characters been so well depicted that they could almost be real. The drama bits worked really well, and the voice acting was second to none. People who say that all the characters sounded too samey should listen to Hollywood mafia gangsters - they DO all sound pretty similar (yes I know they aren't real, but MOS is also fictional). Animation wise, again, this movie is fantastic. I noticed that very little camera movement was used, most of the atmosphere is created through dynamic camera angles. The scenery was above average throughout, but never really had any 'WOW' factor. Even if it is unfinished it still ends very well. Everyone should download this instant classic - the download is worth it. I just wish Dustin wasn't leaving the community...
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
Men of Seattle 2 (unfinished) [20.10 MB]
Men of Seattle 2 Preview
Directed by: Dustin Guest
Released: September 2001
Preview The much anticipated sequel to Men of Seattle is getting forever closer to release. So, to whet our appetites, Dustin has released this preview for Men of Seattle 2. As you would expect from Dustin, the movie is heavily dramatic, with fitting music (O' Fortuna). All scenery is fantastically detailed and crafted (expect mega slowdown on older machines). Definite download.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Men of Seattle 2 Preview [1.17 MB]