Forgotten Heros
Directed by: Evan Strobel, Andrew James Thomas
Released: December 2004
Preview I absolutely loved this movie, and I genuinely felt moved by it (if I'm going to be totally honest I probably would have cried if it was any longer). Andrew was in charge of the story writing, and Evan played the role of director. It follows a very nice concept that I think was perfectly realised. Almost celebrating the fun and great times of the 3dmm 'good old days', the movie adds a nice twist to the old/default actor gimmick in a similar way (albeit from a completely different perspective) to 'Actors Day'. The movie makes use of no expansions on purpose, depicting a tale where all the 'actors' are scared; trying to accept their fate due to the arrival of the new 3dmm expansions. In short, they think they'll be forgotten. A beautiful little short, which took me by surprise. I hope you can all appreciate it as much as I did.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Forgotten Heros [3.84 MB]
Last Man Standing, The
Directed by: Spencer Crabb, Evan Strobel
Released: June 2001
Preview This was a large download back in 2001... 9MB on an unreliable 56k? Impossible! Though this was better than a lot of the rubbish being release around this time, I guess you could call this one of those early emerging PAM defining genre movies, much in the style of DD's 'cinematography'. Watching this does get a little tiring, especially when the movies action is nothing more than mediocre. However, it is more interesting to watch than alot of other action movie, and the plot, though straight forward, is enough to keep you interested. Love it or hate it. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Last Man Standing, The [8.87 MB]
Lezero's Part 1, The
Directed by: Evan Strobel
Released: November 2002
Preview A simply brilliant movie from Evan. This movie is proof of how a decent story can make the film so brilliant without having to have amazing animation. A simple formula with quick changing camera angles and amazingly decent voices made it worth every second. I can't wait to see part 2 as this movie really had me on the edge of my seat. Simply magnificent.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Lezero's Part 1, The [7.81 MB]
Lezero's Part 2 (unfinished), The
Directed by: Evan Strobel
Released: March 2003
Preview Yet another unfinished movie by Evan - and as always it looked awesome. It's such a shame that Lezero's hasn't been finished - it could have give the almighty Men of Seattle a run for it money. It was obvious that the guy who wrote the script (Kevin Pellegrinelli) thought it through and planned it well. It had a very cinematic feel to it - coming close to that found in Men Of Seattle. The lack of music in the beginning scenes kinda ruined the atmosphere movie. Definitely a movie I would like to see Evan finish.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Lezero's Part 2 (unfinished), The [1.85 MB]
No Fears 1: The Strangers
Directed by: Evan Strobel
Released: November 2001
Preview Previously known as 'Stranger', 'No Fears: The Strangers', is the first installment in the 'No Fears' series. The director has had a good attempt at developing a followable storyline, however, you often find yourself wondering what the hell is going on, and who is who - but hey, this is pretty much a pointless action movie, right, and it is the first episode, so a certain degree of mystery surrounding the plot and characters has to be expected. The voice acting throughout, is of a high standard - clear and cool. The animation is also of a good throughout. Movements are swift and fluid, and the occasional sweeping camera is nice. Overall, a very nice, neat and fast paced movie from Evan. I think plot details and character development will be handled in later episodes, so look out for those when they are released.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
No Fears 1: The Strangers [3.08 MB]
No Fears 2: The Unseen (unfinished)
Directed by: Evan Strobel
Released: August 2002
Preview A cool action movie here from Evan, It has a reasonably good plot and isn't too hard to follow. It's annoying that's it's unfinished as it becomes another movie that could've been so much more. The action was fast and well animated, I particularly liked the detailed hotel outside and the room camera angle (see pic). A decent movie throughout, deserving a solid eight out of ten.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
No Fears 2: The Unseen (unfinished) [1.23 MB]
Nuclear Dawn
Directed by: Spencer Crabb, Evan Strobel
Released: December 2002
Preview A very very decent action movie here from two very talented directors. The first thing that struck me about this movie was the brilliant soundtrack accompanying the action, very fitting and exciting. The plot is fairly standard but the camera angles and characterisation makes it good to watch. The voices are also good, although some were not as easy to hear as others. Overall a very good movie with enough excitement to satisfy anyone. Download now.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Nuclear Dawn [8.80 MB]
Directed by: Evan Strobel
Released: July 2003
Preview I love it when Evan finishes a movie, it's something he should do more often. Whitman is one of Evan's finest titles to date. Not only is it complete, it's dark, deep and involving. The scenery, like most of Evan's, it fantastically detailed - suiting the mood in terms of composition and colour. The camera angles and cuts are well thought out and the voice acting is superb. A good watch and a movie I recommend you add to your collection.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Whitman [5.16 MB]
Whitman Special Edition DVD
Directed by: Evan Strobel
Released: December 2003
Preview The original Whitman was brilliant. I must say, this Special Edition doesn’t disappoint. Whitman is based on a true story about Charles Whitman who goes on a killing spree. Brilliant scenery, and brilliant acting, except for a few lines here and there, (is it me, or did the lady at the desk’s voice sound a bit muffled?) and it was sometimes a bit hard to follow (the script included did help me pick up on what happened, though). The Special Edition of the movie gives you extra stuff (soundtrack, script, posters, etc.), as well as changing a few of the scenes. Overall, a great movie, which no collection should be without. Review by Duncan Piasecki.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Whitman Special Edition DVD [30.95 MB]