Four Twenty
Directed by: Flounder
Released: October 2002
Preview A perverted hate movie about Andres De la Hoz. The animation is oh so smooth, shame about the content. Very fitting music also, the water theme from Zelda I believe.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Four Twenty [558 KB]
Prison Sex
Directed by: Flounder
Released: June 2002
Preview This movie does not have a plot, it just seems like a snippet from a longer movie. As it stands it is well animated and very detailed. It the entire long movie were like this I would give it a higher rating, but as it's so short it loses two stars. Sorry Flounder but make it longer with a plot! And why the hell is it called Prison Sex? It has nothing to do with such a thing...
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Prison Sex [192 KB]