4th Annual 3dmm.com Awards 2002
Directed by: Frogman
Released: April 2003
Preview The results are in! This years results of the annual voting have been presented in this fantastic 40 minute montage presentation, as well as two tribute movies to past directors. As Pikios so rightly said on the Bulletin Board, you could sense some sort of magical aura when you are watching the montage, it feels as if you're witnessing a part of history unfold. Watching the community's most prestige work to an expertly selected orchestrated score, makes you feel proud to be part of 3dmm. This is breathtaking - something no movie collection should be without. Anyone experiencing problems with the music, you need to install this MPEG Layer 3 codec (which is supposed to be installed automatically on all Windows 98 and up computers). It's a clean, non-messy install. Just run it, and everything should work fine after that.
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
4th Annual 3dmm.com Awards 2002 [13.17 MB]
007: Unleash the Dragon (unfinished)
Directed by: Frogman
Released: February 2004
Preview This movie has been subject to probably the most troubled release date ever! "IT" has finally been released - tragically, unfinished. Frogman has gone to town in terms of detail here. Despite some of the scenes being nearly three years old, they still look highly impressive even by today's standards! It's this attention to detail that make this actually 'feel' like a proper bond movie. The variety of locations and slick (yet sometime a little jerky) animation are stunning. It's a shame that what's there isn't even complete. Sound effects and voicing are non-apparent in places and I can't help but feel a little cheated by Froggy. We have been promised and teased for far too long... for this. But at the end of that day, who cares?! We can finally see "IT". Beautiful.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
007: Unleash the Dragon (unfinished) [4.29 MB]
Hangman (with Unleash the Dragon Preview)
Directed by: Frogman
Released: January 2002
Preview From nowhere, Frogman released this cool title. It contains a preview for Frogman's forthcoming '007: Unleash the Dragon' movie, which looks to be very promising, and the main title, 'Hangman'. Hangman is a nice little drama with a decent original story. I really enjoyed it, and it was nice to have something a little different crop up. The music fitted well, and the voice acting was great. As for the preview, well, it was fantastic! There was some highly detailed explosions and scenery - all animated, fitting well with the classic James Bond theme. I just hope that is manages to achieve a James Bond "feel" and not turn out to be just another action flick with a James Bond badge stuck on it. Definitely a movie to keep an eye on.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Hangman (with Unleash the Dragon Preview) [3.38 MB]