Death and Guns
Directed by: Jalal
Released: September 2003
Preview This movie is quite weird actually. It immediately starts off somewhere with a guy infiltrating a compound. We get no introduction or whatever. The main character is a 60 year old guy who for some reason is a highly skilled killer, with all the types of weaponry under the sun and a passion for killing to boot. I think this immediately explains the very thin plot, cause I really couldn't find any other connections with the story. The scenery is alright - extremely colourful in places which I don't find very fitting. The animation is a tad bit sloppy. The characters move too fast sometimes and the camera angels could be made more diverse. However, the worst is still yet to come! The voice acting was very poor, they were so... dull. It's obvious that they're reading off a piece of paper. Although this is the first time I've seen a movie by Jalal, I must admit that I found this movie to be more boring than entertaining. The movie tries to be serious but fails in the process. I hope Jalal will surprise us with a better movie in the future.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Death and Guns [2.18 MB]
Directed by: Jalal
Released: August 2004
Preview People quite often take community events and turn them into movies nowadays; a genre totally unique to 3dmm, a genre now coined as a 'community movie'. They can often pave the way for a pretty imaginative movie - gone are the days of mundane hate movies! I actually completely missed the entire feud between Tom Bown and Doughboy vs. Ramza, so the references made in this movies made little to no sense to me. Nevertheless, generations is based on the long-running arguments between the two sides. Rather than being about both sides having a slanging-match, Generation's sets out to depict the end of this argumentative era. The movies boasts some hilarious faux-prepubescent voice acting by Jeremy Dick and Jeff Ching and some pretty impressive animation/scenery for a newbie. A pretty good and solid movie.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Generations [3.51 MB]