Action Joe
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Released: May 1997
Preview The original and now very dated Action Joe - made back in the early days of 3dmm. The animation is a poor and the movies pace is quite slow. It holds little charm these days but still I'd say even some of todays action movies aren't up to standard of this (I'm not talking about major releases here). It was one of the first 3dmm movies made available online and a classic in it's own right. Review by Will Cheyney.

A really, really old movie we have here. This was created by Jason Ruiz at the beginning of the 3dmm community. As far as I know, back then, this was great. By today's standards, it's utter junk. But keeping all that in mind, I think it deserves some leeway. It's about a guy named Action Joe and his fun adventures. Original, eh? Review by Patrick Bernardo.

Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Action Joe [358 KB]
Action Joe 2
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Released: September 1997
Preview The old but ultimately classic Action Joe 2. A movie that arguably changed 3dmm and made it what it is today. It sparked off the trend towards longer and bigger movies. It also raised the expected standards for other movies by about 200%. Action Joe pioneered the use of several visual and animation techniques still essentially used today! This is a solid action/comedy and even though it looks very basic these days it still retains a nice warm charm that is often lacking in recent movies. Sometimes competition between directors is too great these days and people are making movies more to prove how good they are instead of making them to entertain. A landmark in 3dmm history. Review by Will Cheyney.

A full-length continuation of the first, this was huge in its day. This movie was a milestone in 3dmm history because of its consistent hand made scene use. It was also one of the first, if not the first, to have a real plot. Back in its day, I'm sure it was fun to watch for everyone. Review by Patrick Bernardo.

Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Action Joe 2 [2.52 MB]
Antonio the Bumb, The
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Released: August 1998
Preview One of Jason Ruiz's earlier movies, Antonio the Bumb consists of a vague plotline that involves a man (the title character) in his singular fight for justice... or is it revenge? The plot is never developed, and consists thereafter of several fight scenes. The movie exists almost primarily in default scenery, though there were a few early attempts at custom scenery that do their part, however basic they may be. The voice acting is below average. It's hard to understand the dialogue, which contributed to the overall confusion in the movie. The sound effects consisted of 3DMM default sounds and one very overused scream. The music was also entirely default. If you're hungry for the good old days, look no further than here, but if you're past that, you can steer clear of this movie. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Antonio the Bumb, The [858 KB]
Antonio the Bumb 2, The
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Released: December 1998
Preview An unfinished Jason Ruiz film, Antonio the Bumb 2 is another outing with Ruiz's vaguely developed action character. The plot of this second outing involves an Offspring concert and a drug and weapons trade. The meat of the film are the action scenes that are well done. An energetic car chase (for no apparant reason, I might add) opens up the film, and captures the right energy for a car chase. The scenery of this movie is made up mostly of squashed shapes, but there are some textured scenes as well making up part of it. The sound is the worst aspect of the movie, consisting of overly loud Offspring music drowning out other sound effects and dialogue. The movie is better served without the music, and stopping and restarting to hear the dialogue makes the movie play better. An improvement from the last installment, but the fact that it is unfinished leaves little substance to the movie. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Antonio the Bumb 2, The [3.56 MB]
Jason Ruiz Christmas Special
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Released: December 2005
Preview This animation is too short for its own good but has a couple with an unfortunate event of bad fortune. The handmade Jesus was well done though and overall, the film is ok.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Jason Ruiz Christmas Special [137 KB]
Jason Show, The
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Released: September 2000
Preview The first instalment in the classic comedy series. I've been meaning to add this movie to the archive for quite sometime now. Well anyway, here it is, and definitely well worth downloading because like the 2nd in the series, it's damn good. Jason Ruiz brought us this Jerry Springer-esqe talk show some years ago now, but the comedy is just as funny today as it was back then. 'The Jason Show' is an extremely entertaining affair, which still stands as one of the most creative and brilliant shows done in 3dmm.Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Jason Show, The [3.71 MB]
Jason Show 2, The
Directed by: Jason Ruiz, Brad Connell
Released: December 2000
Preview Second episode in a very funny series in the vein of Jerry Springer. This episode captures the feel of such a show well and is very funny to watch. Can't wait for future episodes. Between this and Baked Goods, we are blessed.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Jason Show 2, The [3.65 MB]
Johnny Samsinite
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Released: July 2002
Preview Ruiz has decided to go back to using old skool, default scenery and jazzy midi files in this new comedy. It doesn't any flash animation or scenery to make it enjoyable - its purely plot and comedy driven. It works well, and the voice acting is excellent. Overall, a very well executed movie.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Johnny Samsinite [1.87 MB]
Osama's Heroes
Directed by: Jason Ruiz, Jynx
Released: September 2002
Preview So this is the highly anticipated 'Osama's Heroes'... Sadly, unfortunately, tragically... this classic comedy its unfinished. However, unlike most other unfinished movies this is pretty polished and complete. As for the comedy, this movie is fucking hilarious and extremely well executed. I particularly liked the taxi cab scene! Like all Ruiz's films, the animation, scenery and direction is superb. The voice acting was also quality - adding to the humor. The funniest thing since Sgt. Steve and unfortunately the last movie from both Ruiz and Jynx. Definitely worth the download. Review by Will Cheyney.

Fester and Jynx have become one of the most well known team-ups in the 3dmm Community. And yet it's mostly their flash stuff that people know them for; especially the Everyone Loves Dick series. However, their only real 3dmm team-up was this, a final 3dmm movie for both of them, unfinished, but yet still absolutely hilarious. And it even feels like a finished movie. While the movie was going to be about much more, this version can be summed up as being about people in the world before the 9/11 attacks. We meet lots of interesting characters, from Billy Bob, the trailer-park redneck, to the random Taliban guy, to Osama himself, one of the best HmC's in 3dmm at that point, and the best overall character in a 3dmm movie for 2002. And they all seem to have rounded personalities, especially the Taliban guy, when we even get a glimpse of his backstory. The scenery and animation are actually quite good, especially for when they were released, but that's not that Fester and Jynx are about. This movie is all about the laughs, and it pulls them off brilliantly. There wasn't a single minute in the movie when I wasn't holding my sides. From the dialogue between the FBI Agent and the taxi driver ("This, uh, this song's pretty ga-" "YOU ARE GAY!" has become one of my friend's favourite catchphrases.), to Osama watching Seinfeld (In an interesting development, the first episode of Seinfeld I ever watched had the part that Osama was watching in it.), to the Dune Coon Killer preview, which I believe was voted "Best Scene in a 3dmm Movie" in the 2002 awards, every scene is pure comedy. It does start to lose a little steam towards the end (Osama and the gang getting high isn't quite as funny as the rest.), but it doesn't taint the experience at all. Fester and Jynx quit 3dmm with the comedy of the year, and in all honesty, there's not been a funnier movie released since. Come back, guys. We miss you. Review by Tom Bown.

Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Osama's Heroes [8.91 MB]
Osama's Heroes Preview
Directed by: Jason Ruiz, Jynx
Released: May 2002
Preview This preview has a mixture of very old crappy animation (is it intentional for comedic effect??) and some quite good hand-made characters including Osama himself. I got the feeling it was just a crappy joke about September the 11th happening again this year, which is a bit lame and insensitive, but maybe they can pull it off. There were a couple of very funny bits though, so I think it'll be good with a decent plot.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Osama's Heroes Preview [697 KB]
Sgt. Steve
Directed by: Jason Ruiz
Released: October 2001
Preview Well well well, what a wondrous piece of work here by Ruiz. I actually found myself in spasms of laughter after this one. The comedy was superb. And to keep a watchers attention for a full blown 40 minutes is spectacular. Some of the movie lacked in parts but was quickly made up with supreme wit and on-going twists that made you think 'what the fuck', but also made your sides hurt in laughter. From the very start I was laughing; when the baby was being delivered, when the blonde girl was a parachute, when the assassin was to jolly, I could go on for a very long time picking out the crackers situated in this rout of frantic, twisted, maladjusted story lines. More and more points keep flashing into my head... but I cant write them all down it is just so good that I am stuck for words. One of the strongest points of the whole movie is the narrator, some movies are weakened by this, but not Sgt. Steve, not a chance, he is perhaps one of the funniest characters in it, and that is of great credit to Jason. Lastly I will comment on the little bits that make it just that little bit more special than all other comedies. It is strong all the way through, little skits go on in the background (v funny), speech is very strong, clever twists in story line. Excellent! If you don't download this genius 'work of art' I will personally walk to your home and spill your entrails using a blunt spoon. To finish, I will tell you to wrestle with your 56k's cos this movie really is something not to miss.
Overall rating: 10/10 Download
Sgt. Steve [11.28 MB]