Dark Side of the Force Part I
Directed by: Jason Woolford
Released: January 2002
Preview Jason Woolford's attempt at the Star Wars universe in 3dmm comes off as wonderfully composed and remarkably clever. The story is fairly basic for a Star Wars movie, involving two Jedi who eventually come to a daunting task involving the ever present enemies, the Sith. Unfortunately, that's about as far as the story gets before the movie ends, which is a shame, because the look of the movie is so secure. Woolford's camera isn't the most movement-filled camera, but it does its job to capture the scene without frills. It would have been nice to see more panning shots as are often seen in Star Wars films, but it doesn't detract too much. The movie is just composed so well. All of the default actors have been clothed in text based custom clothing to give it the look of the movies. This is an impressive touch that lends some extra creativity to the film. Also impressive are the hand made characters, especially in the Jedi council. Great care was put into recreating Yoda, and he comes off as both expressive and well-composed. The music is MIDI-based, which detracts from the film a bit. The movie is also filled with a lot of default sounds for lightsaber battles, which lowers the feeling of being in the Star Wars universe a bit. The dialogue is top notch, with all the characters being portreyed well by Woolford and his friends. Dark Side of the Force ends before it really begins, however, which is a shame, since it carries on quite well while it lasts. Woolford recently returned to the community and hopefully will follow up on this tantilizing episode with something fuller. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Dark Side of the Force Part I [1.34 MB]