3dmm House Party, A
Directed by: Jaymond
Released: August 2005
Preview A very funny back-to-basics 3dmm flick. Using a combination of default 3dmm scenery and v3dmm props/characters, Jaymond has created an instant comedy classic, focusing the humor on current and long-standing community issues with unbelievable effect. When special guest Jon Sprow shows up at the house of 3dmm, Kayl springs upon him to give Sprow some strong words of advice. Naively ignoring Kayl's wisdom, Sprow soon finds himself being rejected by all from the house. There are some fantastic characterisations and stereotypes drawn upon for a myriad of community members, including, Andres, Rudi, Mike Storch, Space Goat, Travis, Aaron, Asians, Tom Bown, Ben Rice, Jatz and Ruiz - all personified brilliantly. This is one of those classic examples of how a movie doesn't need to be technically good to be entertaining. There isn't one 3D letter in this movie, yet the ~13 minute runtime fly's by faster than some 'epic' affairs. As we have come to expect from Jaymond, the voice acting is second to none - crystal clear quality, fused with exceptional humor. An essential download for any community member. Review by Will Cheyney - 8/10.

A hilarious default scene movie here that focuses on current community issues and pulls them off in spectacular fashion. The plot is about Jon Sprow showing up at a 3dmm House Party at Space Goat's house, and basically just mingling. All the characters are extremely funny stereotypes, from Kayl's posh British gentleman to Rudi's insulting Australian, they were pulled off perfectly. The way it focused on recent community events rather than just general things about 3dmm was good too; e.g. Kayl telling Sprow about how nobody talks to Mike Storch because of his involvement with Ramza, or Maritheclap trying to get a hold of Fester. The scenery was just default with random v3dmm props, but the movie was so funny it just didn't matter. So far this is the best comedy, and probably the best movie, of 2005. It's not technically impressive, but it really just doesn't matter at all. Download this movie right now. Review by Tom Bown - 10/10.

Whenever it comes to Jaymond making movies, it's incredibly easy to guess that it'll most likely be a comedy. After his big hit last year with 'Skitzophrenia', we have all been quietly anticipating another release from Mr. Jaymond. Since scenery and animation don't always make a movie, it is obviously down to the movies dialogue, a good plot and talented voice acting. Voice acting is definitely something you can count on Jaymond to accomplish perfectly. Using his unique gift-of-the-gab, as-well as brewing up some gold community comedy moments, Jaymond have delivered an incredibly random movie with default scenery that raises smiles, and should make you laugh if you're a community member. There's a big party at Space Goats house, and Jon Sprow appears turns up. After getting advice from Kayl, which he immediately ignores, 'mingles' with others and makes a nuisance of himself. Some great community joke are woven throughout the movie; Kayl and his great wisdom, Jatz and his weight/dumbness, a hyper Tom Bown that never stops talking, your truly... a dopey, tired, lazy bastard who rarely speaks in real life (seriously) and the veterans of the community like Andres, Aaron Haynes, Jeff Ching and more. Having their own private room for the party. I also can't forget poor Mike Storch who has no respect because of Ramza's reign of spamming and being banned. Unfortunately the ending is not what you expected and could go either way for you and leave you either disappointed or laughing. This was a great entry to the Film Fest - very different from the others and shows that even default scenery can still be a blast to sit down and enjoy, even now-a-days. Review by Ben Rice - 8/10.

Overall rating: 9/10 Download
3dmm House Party, A [5.74 MB]
Directed by: Jaymond
Released: January 2004
Preview This is just a bunch of skits rolled into one nice big juicy low-fat 3dmm movie, hence the name. Skitzophrenia!! Get it?? Haha!! Ha... ha... lame, right? Well thats the kind of humor you'll get in here. Moldy old jokes and eye-rollers prevail as you fight to stay awake. Something still kicks you in the balls though and tells you to keep watching, and I must say it IS actually worth it. Despite their age and utter lame-ness, you cant help but chuckle, and there ARE a few original lines, I'm sure. But if you're one to watch a movie for spectacular scenery and animation, this definetly isn't something you'd want. It'd honestly be just as funny, if not more if, it was just audio - like a radio show or something. Hand-made scenes are few and far between, and the camera moved maybe, oh say, twice? I am however quite impressed with the voice acting; natural and professional, and all the sound, music included, is very good quality. Bottom line: Good for a few chuckles.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Skitzophrenia [7.73 MB]