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Dead or Alive: Part 1
Directed by: Jeremy Madzelan
Released: April 2003
Preview Awesome. This is actually the best action drama I've seen in a while! The scenery is very good and animation is at top. Sound effects and music couldn?t be better. I would say that if you like action drama's this should without-a-doubt, be in your collection.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Dead or Alive: Part 1 [4.33 MB]
Dead or Alive Trailer
Directed by: Jeremy Madzelan
Released: March 2003
Preview Holy shiat! This looks awesome. From the director of 'Resident Evil: Ground Zero', Jeremy Madzelan is giving us a sneaky-peak of his forthcoming title, Dead or Alive (nothing to do with the videogame). The scenery is fanatically detailed - which will more than likely slow down older machines. The camera angles look pretty swish too! The music seemed a little miss-fitting and there were a few of the rubbishy default sound effects thrown in, other than that, this looks top!
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Dead or Alive Trailer [687 KB]
Directed by: Jeremy Madzelan
Released: January 2004
Preview A very twisted movie here done by one of the most underrated directors in the community. The whole thing is too short to describe without giving it away though but its so messed up. The animation and direction were done really well. Definitely one of the better holiday films this year and worth the download. It even comes with a trailer for Dead Or Alive 1.5 so don't miss it.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Lied [3.27 MB]
Resident Evil: Ground Zero Preview
Directed by: Jeremy Madzelan
Released: April 2002
Preview This movie is gonna rock! This is gonna blow us away, the plot looks solid, the animation looks slick, the gore looks inch perfect. When i saw the first preview, I thought... impressive. Then the second came along, and it got me hooked. Now I can't wait for this movie. Whilst watching this preview, I was static, mouth down. At the very end a man gets decapitated and it is so awesome I watched it frame by frame and dismantled the scene, it is awesomely detailed. DOWNLOAD NOW!
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Resident Evil: Ground Zero Preview [1.27 MB]