Best of Jim Weatherby
Directed by: Jim Weatherby
Released: October 2000
Preview A compilation of all Jim Weatherby's greatest animation's/scenes done in 3dmm. Not really a movie as such, more of a portfolio of work. However, its good... very good (see screenshot), animation is slick and smooth, and everything is beautifully constructed.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Best of Jim Weatherby [1.24 MB]
England's a Bitch
Directed by: Jim Weatherby
Released: May 2001
Preview This was a surprise release back in the heatwave of summer of 2001 from Jim Weatherby. and its not too shabby considering that Jim made it in a day. The basic plot is about some guy trying to knock the sun out of England's sky because it is apparently not allowed to be. The movie contains some good animation and all custom made scenes, but perhaps a little dated today. Also, if you watch the movie, and find yourself completely lost, good old Jim has included a vocal explanation. Aww - how nice... Worth the download
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
England's a Bitch [1.04 MB]
Lacombe Vs McDonald
Directed by: Jim Weatherby
Released: April 2000
Preview A very old Jim Weatherby movies, dating back to the days of HBK Films and the infamous 'site wars'. Featuring the voice talents of prepubescent veteran 3dmm'ers, this is a heartwarming blast to the past. Rating the animation, scenery and all the usual would be pretty meaningless in this case due to it's age. I think that this is a movie strictly for the oldies in the community - you really wont enjoy or understand the true greatness of it all otherwise.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Lacombe Vs McDonald [188 KB]
Matt Vs Spencer
Directed by: Jim Weatherby
Released: September 2000
Preview This movie is what can only be described as a very slow-paced, gun-based, no-haste and doubly-faced fight movie between McGowan and Crabb. Okay, it wasn't that good. The widescreen looked hideous, mainly becuase it's WHITE, and it was soooo slow. I would've stopped watching if it wasn't for the awesome music. This movie has a need for speed, literally. Review by Will Bamber.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Matt Vs Spencer [1.24 MB]
Wouldn't It Be Special Edition
Directed by: Andrew Metcalf, Jim Weatherby
Released: October 2000
Preview The latest in the long running and popular 3dmm comedy series, this doesn't disappoint. Even makes fun of me a bit, hehe. Really, it is one of the funniest movies in awhile though if there had been more jokes instead of having bloopers, it would have been better. An absolutely marvelous work of art by Andrew and Jim. Extremely funny and a mostly feel-good mo
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Wouldn't It Be Special Edition [4.40 MB]