Alpha Z
Directed by: Jimmy Dean
Released: October 2000
Preview Bit of a Final Fantasy clone this, but, it features some well-crafted monsters and grips you from the very beginning by going straight into the action. The only thing that bothers me is that the lack of voices. Jimmy opted to use text boxes instead, which let it down somewhat since you don't want to have to read while the impressive animation is going on. Marvelous monsters, animation, scenes, music but no speech. Oh well. Final Verdict: Has that special Final Fantasy feel to it. Recommended.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Alpha Z [3.02 MB]
Alpha Z 2
Directed by: Jimmy Dean
Released: May 2001
Preview A huge improvement on the original voiceless classic, and another fine addition to the Alpha Z series. Very slick animation, and very well placed angles capture the action the way it should. This time the demon destroyers must eradicate a demon with awesome power before it destroys civilisations. I'm not usually a fan of movies like this, but I enjoyed this one, thanks to the great directing. Action and drama galore. Recommended.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Alpha Z 2 [7.56 MB]
Alpha Z 3
Directed by: Jimmy Dean
Released: October 2001
Preview After 5 months of waiting, numerous delays, and Jimmy tricking the entire community that the movie had been deleted by his mum, the third installment in the Alpha Z series is finally here. I had been looking forward to this movie for a long while, and I must confess, it didn't disappoint. The character animation and camera movement was swift and fluid throughout, which gives the movie an overall slick feel. The plot was a little weak, an Alpha Demon: Type 2 is brought back to Earth through a portal, courtesy of a not so nice doctor. Hmmm. The movies sound track was good, and fitted the appropriate moods suitably. The only problem with the sound was that it often drowned out the voices of the actors, so you may find yourself loosing thread of what's going on. However, what I found to be the movies most impressive feature, was its visual effects. Jimmy seems to have perfected the art of moving spheres to make them appear to 'flow' and give magic like effects (see screenshot). Another example of a great effect is when normality and life is restored to the land; colour flows back into the landscape and trees grow out of the ground - its fantastic. This has to be seen.
Overall rating: 9/10 Download
Alpha Z 3 [9.20 MB]
Alpha Z 3 Preview
Directed by: Jimmy Dean
Released: August 2001
Preview A cool preview for "Alpha Z: The Demon Inside". The follow up to the famous Alpha Z series and quite possibly the best one yet! The preview doesn't really tell you much about the story line though, but it does show off Jimmy's excellent 3dmm skills. Very smooth character and camera movement and good custom scenes. Definitely worth a download, and I suggest watching out for the final thing when it comes out.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Alpha Z 3 Preview [439 KB]
Deansoft Xmas, A
Directed by: Jimmy Dean
Released: December 2000
Preview An xmas movie for the Christmas period. This was released a few Christmas' back now, but it actually one of the better ones. It's cool to watch, nice to look at and well paced. I've heard a few of the voices and sounds in other movies but who cares - we're all guilty of it at some point. Well worth downloading.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Deansoft Xmas, A [1.99 MB]
Sniper at DeanSoft HQ Pictures, The
Directed by: Jimmy Dean
Released: October 2002
Preview OK, this kind of defeats the idea behind the old 'sniper' series. Correct me if I'm wrong, but weren't other people were supposed to make sniper movies about you? You were never supposed to make them about yourself... If anything, the only reason I can think of as to why Jimmy made this was to whore-up his then-upcoming movie 'Alpha Z', slating it as a 'Bodily Functions' and 'Dragon in America' beater. Pfftt... I thought the take of the 'Amazing Adventures of Chris and Will' title sequence at the end was quite funny though. Review by Will Cheyney.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Sniper at DeanSoft HQ Pictures, The [858 KB]