Catrix, The
Directed by: Joe Douglas
Released: April 2004
Preview The newbie Jpro's first released movie to the community, and overall it is pretty average. Another Matrix lobby scene ripoff, only with Doraemon. There was some nice animation and graphics, but overall it just seemed like another Matrix ripoff. The outtakes were funny, but not enough to save this movie. I've seen some more of Jpro's stuff, he's a talented 3dmmer, but this is a very average movie.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Catrix, The [2.93 MB]
Hatboy Episode 1
Directed by: Joe Douglas, Mr. Mong
Released: September 2004
Preview I've been meaning to add this movie to the Movie Archive for ABSOLUTELY ages! A chain movie by Jpro and Mr. Mong, both newbies at the time, this showed great skill and showed their potential. The scenery in the movie is great, making good use of the expansion and other techniques. The animation is great, and the voices and plot are funny. I would recommend you download this movie and that Jpro and Mr. Mong chronicle further adventures of Hatboy. PS. I'm in this movie, so it HAS to be good. Review by Tom Bown.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Hatboy Episode 1 [4.22 MB]
Jpro Compilation, The
Directed by: Joe Douglas
Released: April 2005
Preview Honestly there was no point in this being made, Joe is back into 3dmm so ignore the messages in this saying he is leaving because he's doing anything but that! Phew! However since Jpro is making a fresh start, the new point for this movie is to see what he's left behind so he can start again. The unfinished Part 2 of his popular series 'The Story Of Kah-laious' is here in this compilation. However Joe is remaking TSOK from scratch. Chapter One was first released in December 2004. Apparently he is making the trilogy into one big movie. Something to look forward to. As well as unfinished Kah-laious stuff there is loads of unfinished old movies and some wacky crazy pictures and animations. It was sad to see him leave, but thank God he's turned around and started 3dmming again! Review by Ben Rice.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Jpro Compilation, The [6.02 MB]
Story of Kah-Laious: Chapter 1, The
Directed by: Joe Douglas
Released: December 2004
Preview Hmmm... My feelings about this movie are a little mixed. I'll start off by saying that is wasn't at all as I expected. For some reason, I invisaged it as something which resembled Redux. Also, along with the irregular title and initial screenshots posted on the 3dmm bulletin board I was strongly reminded of 'The Invasion of Tekalnus IV'. Like I mentioned earlier, my feelings about this movie are somewhat mixed. In places, the movie was beautiful - Joe made some excellent use of the newly available expansions. But on the other hand I found the whole affair a little confusing. Throughout it's run time I felt a little lost, and I didn't really ever have much idea of what was going on. The plot was surprisingly hard to follow and I never really got the chance to relate to any of the characters. Who is he? Where are they? What is that? Why, why and why? It wasn't until the final scene that I could actually make some conclusions. I think the story bounced around a bit too much and at the same time threw too much at you at once in the wrong order. I also noticed countless animation glitches, poor planning, frequent scene dissovles and a lack of soundtrack 80% of the time. It was inconsistancies like these which ruined any atmosphere the movie worked so hard at creating for itself. I'm making the movie sound extremely sloppy aren't I? Believe me, it isn't a bad movie, it is just a little rough around the edges shall we say. It was on the whole a very engaging and watchable movie despite it's obvious flaws - problems which would have crippled any other movie, it's simply down to the fact that the strengths outweigh the weaknesses. If Joe can iron out all the flaws I've mentioned, then we should be on to some winners with the future installments. A good effort.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Story of Kah-Laious: Chapter 1, The [13.82 MB]