Cookie Jar, The
Directed by: Julian Cowan
Released: January 2004
Preview This movie is a take on an everyday situation; a little boy asking his mother for a cookies, but with different, and mostly predictable outcomes involving gunshots and beatings. Original idea, I suppose, but it could've been done much, much better. This movie not only bored me and didn't make me laugh, but the repeated Cartman-like voice of the kid saying, "Mummy, can I have a cookie?". The overall crappiness of the microphone quality and the fact that the voices were practically screamed into the mic drove me insane. The jokes are slow and drag the whole movie down. The scenery and animation was pretty shoddy also. I'm guessing it was made a long time ago, because there's no way that anyone involved in 3dmm nowadays could screw up a basic room interior. I suppose some people would find this somewhat amusing, but I didn't, and I'm the movie critic here, so there.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Cookie Jar, The [1.32 MB]