Brief Announcement
Directed by: Kayl
Released: August 2004
Preview Pretty... weird, thing here... maybe it's British humor or something, I don't know because I'm Canadian, and henceforth an idiot... eh. It was a presented in the style of a BBC news bulletin, with only a couple of different scenes, but used over and over again. Half was presented in a TV studio and the rest in 'on location' scenes. Visually it was fairly mediocre - the pyramids were pretty cool, and the Eiffel Tower wasn't bad either. Voices sounded weird and a little samey... only the French man's voice was good. It's about the 10 plagues happening again... or something... and I think political satire was trying to be snuck in... it's just really weird. Go ahead and download it. Maybe YOU'LL get it.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Brief Announcement [1.79 MB]