Best of Seeds of Toron, The
Directed by: Kevin Vicker
Released: December 2003
Preview This collection is a compilation of the first four seasons of 'Seeds of Toron', a little known science fiction series. Directed mostly by Jerry Waggleworth, this science fiction series borrows from various sci-fi mythology to construct a fun plotline. The plot is simple: an alien race constructs a space station above Earth to continue their race, as their planet is dying, and Earth hosts a unique atmosphere to their survival. A team of humans is given the assignment to study and ultimately think of a strategy of protecting Earth if neccessary. The trouble is, the series is very slow moving, and takes place in mostly single shot scenes, with actors talking without so much the aid of talk actions. It's as if Waggleworth constructed a series of set environments and hit the "new frame" action 799 times, imported them into the movie and added voices. The result is a boring visual experience, which does the series no justice. The voices are done very well. Most of the dialogue is clear, and acted well. The problem is, that is all the series has to keep it interesting. The music consists almost entirely of default MIDIs, many of which repeat over and over again. This series has potential to be entertaining fare, but the lack of visual appeal and the slow moving plotlines drags the show down more than it should. The download package is especially appealing because it is four seasons of the show in one big .3mm file. Download this for an interesting premise if you're hungry for science fiction. Review by Andrew Salter.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Best of Seeds of Toron, The [9.46 MB]