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Directed by: Kim Turley, Oliver Bacon
Released: February 2000
Preview An old action film combining the usual car chases, gunplay, a nuclear missile going missing, a bit of a twist in the end and all that. Now, there is a mix of premade 3dmm scenes (those that come included with 3dmm) a marvelous attempt at scenes, moving camera angles and animation. Some fairly reasonable fx also. Overall, a surprisingly impressive for a newbie's movie. Fantastic direction. Final Verdict: An inspirational movie for other newbies.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
9mm [1.14 MB]
Directed by: Kim Turley
Released: August 2002
Preview This is the first ever movie made by a non-japanese person using the Doraemon Expansion Pack. It is short and sweet, and shows some of the scenes/characters/sounds that the expansion pack offers. This movie like, Bongo The Traveller has started a series that has caught on in the community.A movie that will go down in 3dmm history, so download now.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
BAM! [14.4 KB]
Christmas Sleigh Ride
Directed by: Kim Turley, Joss Turley
Released: December 2002
Preview A short Christmas movie here from Kim and his brother. It is very simple and quite random, but the camera angles and sound effects are good. A funny movie with a remix Kim made at the end, also look at the preview picture inside the movie for something 'extra'.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Christmas Sleigh Ride [730 KB]
Horny and the Dead Remake
Directed by: Kim Turley
Released: January 2004
Preview Here we have Jeff Ching's "Horny and the Dead", redone by Kim Turley. I didn't care much for the original, nor did many others. But I must say Turley did a great job on giving it some life. I mean he didn't go and revamp the WHOLE thing, basically he just saw the obvious flaws and went "Damn...that sucks..." then fixed it. Most noticable are the scenes. Where stock scenes are used, he changed camera angles every so often. Doesn't sound like much, I know, but in a movie like this, it makes a huge difference. In other stock scenes, he covered some things to make it semi-hand-made. For instance, in the city scene, he covered everything but the park bench with polygons - just to make it not quite so n00bish-looking. Other tweaks include more detailed props, smoother animations (i.e, slightly better fight scenes), dicks suddenly popping in and out of zipperes....*kaff*....etc. I couldn't pick up any changes with audio, but he did add this nifty soundtrack gizmo thingimabobber (yes, thats the professional term) so you can browse the music. Well... I thought it was neat... Anyways, a readme would've been nice to point out all the changes, but whether you've seen the original Horny and the Dead or not, this is a good thing to download.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Horny and the Dead Remake [11.40 MB]
Kenny Dies
Directed by: Kim Turley
Released: November 2000
Preview A while back, someone made a movie where Kenny from South Park is systematically shot to death, body part by body part (who was that Jackson Buhck? Answers on a postcard please!) and this uses that same principal. Nothing more to really say about it. Animation is reasonably cartoony and the blood not amazingly done but for a really short little movie, this isn't too bad at all. On the Really-Short-Comical-Animation-Scale. Plus it's a nice and small download.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Kenny Dies [47 KB]
Mindless Psycho Killing
Directed by: Kim Turley
Released: April 2004
Preview Many people have been divided over this movie. Was it a solid entertaining action movie, or just another stupid PAM? It's obvious that Kim doesn't want this movie to be anything other then brainless, but what it does it does very well. This movie has been about 5 years in the making, being remade from the unfinished version back in 1998, and it shows. Some of the scenery is very poor, and some is excellent. The hand-made guns are simply excellent, the best ever made in 3dmm. There are also some original ideas and camera work. Unfortunately, the movie is let down by its slow pacing, and it also went on for a bit too long. Still, it's a recommended download for action lovers, although I would take 2 points off the score if you hate PAM's.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Mindless Psycho Killing [9.40 MB]
Mindless Psycho Killing Preview
Directed by: Kim Turley
Released: September 2001
Preview Well after much advertising on the BB the preview is here. It's not bad - but its not great. Not in the same league as 'The French Teacher' or anything. Most previews we see have sparse amounts of action and boorish lengthy scripts to read. But here we see a bit of the action involved. However, the animation is jumpy and not that smooth, throughout the movie. Overall I would say the preview has lacked in scenery. I think that this movie may suffer from the same problem that UNO did - being over-hyped, and unless the action you see here now becomes 5 times better on the full release, it will be a huge disappointment.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Mindless Psycho Killing Preview [908 KB]
Directed by: Kim Turley
Released: June 2001
Preview Finally! Kim has finished his drama, Uno. Its nothing new to me as I've been continuously seeing Uno throughout its development... but I never seem to grow tired of it; there's something about it. I think its just down to the fact that I have seen the shear amount of work Kim has put into making this movie. The movie is reasonably well choreographed. The animation is average, but sometimes suffers from 'jumping'. The scenery is sufficiently detailed. No OTT (over the top) action, and a good and well timed soundtrack - some of which is composed by Kim himself. However, I don't think that the movie lived up to the hype that surrounded it.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Uno [3.50 MB]
X-Production Showcase
Directed by: Kim Turley, Joss Turley, others
Released: August 2001
Preview This movie came as a surprise for me. I went round to Kim's house one day, and after watching a couple of 3D movies, he said, "Oh yeah... my brother made this the other day....". To be honest, I wasn't expecting much, as the only things I have seen made by Joss (Kim's brother) in 3dmm, were amazingly detailed gun stills, or short animation's of custom characters. But, when the movie started, I was pleasantly surprised. The movie is basically a showcase of scenes from films made by either Kim or Joss Turley, Oliver Bacon or I, with music dubbed over the top. And it works... A complaint I do have about it however, is that, in the original version I saw, the dubbed music was the theme to 'The Patriot', which worked well. But for some reason Kim got rid of it altogether, and replaced it with several trashy rock songs. Having it in wouldn't have gone a miss ;) Its a hard movie to rate, because it isn't really a movie as such... it's a showcase! But, never before has a 3dmm movie company looked so good.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
X-Production Showcase [1.76 MB]