Masters, The
Directed by: Konrad Chan
Released: July 2003
Preview Oh dear... This movie kicks off with default scenery and some idiotic midi music playing in the background. It's all very 1997'ish and from here on after I kind of lost interest. When it became clear to me that this movie didn't have any voices, good scenery or good animation I almost stopped watching... I didn't though and persevered hoping that it may get better. Unfortunately, it didn't and the only part I couldn't help liking was the car chase; bizarrely, I quite enjoyed it. Overall though it was poo, and even though the director is a newbie I think he could at least taken some tips from a few other movies beforehand - watching them closely and getting into custom scenery and animation. Better luck next time
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Masters, The [1.75 MB]