Desert Eagle
Directed by: Kyle Magocs
Released: August 2005
Preview A very pretty, soundtrack driven movie from Kyle which rightly or wrongly reminded me of Tim Burton's 'dark' style. This movie was inspired by the movies soundtrack according to Kyle, as a result a bizarre and twisted collection of animations depicting how an island is very different during the day than it is at night has been conceived... Once the sun goes down, the landscape becomes bent, the ground opens up and the dead walk the earth once more. Kyle has obviously used this as an exercise to test out the capabilities of Superdings, but that doesn't stop it from being a great opening movie for the 2005 Summer Film Festival and quite a nice 'lil watch. Review by Will Cheyney - 7/10.

A concept piece by Kyle Magocs, 'Desert Eagle' is a surreal fantasy adventure that focuses on imagery to pull the viewer in. It works, for the most part, but starts off a bit vague, leaving the viewer to wonder what exactly is happening. As far as story goes, the concept is simple, the character is shipwrecked on an island that comes alive at night. Well, the dead come alive, and other mysterious events happen. The problem is, the introduction to the night sequence isnít all that clear, which puts the movie off on a shaky foot. The presentation is clean and fitting for this sort of film. Magocsí camera moves almost every scene, giving it a more music video-like feel to it, rather than a cinematic feel. Some camera moves are a bit fast to see whatís going on, but given the nature of the film, it seems to fit better than it might have been intended to. Visually, the movie is solid, with the fantasy imagery being the main draw of the visuals. Magocs was aiming for a stylistic rather than realistic look, and that he achieves. Several effects, such as fire daemons, attacking trees and water effects are quite well done. There are some visual flaws, such as nasty crosshatching on a long establishing shot, but the overall strength outweighs the problems. Sound is a mixed bag. On one hand, it is a music video-type film, which dictates the sound should be just music, but at times the lack of dramatic sound effects did bring the experience down. No footsteps, crashes, or explosions to emphasize the action fit the style of the film, but I felt it could have done well if Magocs had included some bit of sound along with the soundtrack. Although practically lacking storytelling elements, the conceptual feel of this film is fresh and new. If youíre looking for a narrative and engrossing story, this isnít the film to watch. For a neat concept with well enough execution, Magocs has brought together this pleasant little film. Review by Andrew Salter - 7/10.

A great opener to the Film Fest, this is Kyle's surreal tale of an island that seems peaceful at first, but grows darker during the night. It's a pretty original idea for a story, and Kyle made it work well. The animation is really good, possibly the best part of the flick, although the scenery, with excellent uses of v3dmm and mainly Superdings, almost bests it. The special effects in the movie are great, such as the face in the fire, and the music fit very well, changing at just the right time. Overall, Kyle Magocs does it again, creating another short but sweet film that will hopefully put an end to the pattern of his movies being largely ignored. A recommended download. Review by Tom Bown - 8/10.

There is going to have to be a very convincing movie to follow this superb Film Fest opener. 'Desert Eagle' is a fantastical twist of awe-inspiring visual graphics and a wondrous theme of a mystical island-turned-land-of-the-dead. The music, although slightly dated and monotanous, fits the film very well, and the scenery, although lacking a lot of texture is well constructed, mainly out of Superdings. The panning and camerawork slots nicely into the film, if used a little too much, and this shows strongest when parts of the scenery break up and look 'amateurish'. v3dmm is used well throughout, and is also used greatly in context. Overall, Desert Eagle is a wonderous little film to watch, and was selected as the perfect movie to open the Film Fest with. A Recommended Download. Review by Richard Bevis - 8/10.

Kyle seems to have the gift of creating short and sweet movies to start up Film Festivals. In the Winter of 2004, he brought us 'Peak', a short movie which showed how dedicated he is to 3dmm. 'Desert Eagle' continues this knack of his for making movies that are nothing over a couple of minute in runtime, but either leave you with a dropped-jaw with a finger eager to click play again. The use of Aaron Haynes's Superdings expansion for v3dmm is put to great use, and a great example of such a tool can be used well. Like Peak there is no dialogue, just a journey involving a Doreamon character accompanied by music. This time the idea starts off a little bit like 'Cast Away', before turning into a supernatural adventure. I won't reveal anymore about it, but it must be said that Kyle has indeed given us some very nice eye candy to feast upon, coupled with some nice decent animations and scenery. Decent and original. Lets see whats up next... Review by Ben Rice - 7/10.

Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Desert Eagle [3.06 MB]
Ice Cream Man
Directed by: Kyle Magocs
Released: June 2004
Preview Ice Cream Man is... well, a music video. Nothing to spiffy or amazing story-centric wise, but it's a fun little watch about a kid chasing an ice cream truck for some... vague reason... I dunno, just read this and shut up. Now, I've never seen any of Kyle Magocs' other stuff (NOTE: I watched this movie before I saw his compilation) so I don't know what to expect from him, but the basic scenery and sometimes sorta under-average animation left me in dark from what I was supposed to be watching. Okay, so there's no story, bad scenery and animation, so what am I to expect from a movie like this? The answer is 2-and-a-bit minutes of good fun, that's what. It's always fun to watch chases in 3dmm, no matter how they look or what they're about. So I was pretty pleased while watching that young lad breeze down the highway after the one-eyed ice cream man before tansforming into a bouncy HMC and ending the movie with a cliff drop. Um... there's not much else to say, really.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Ice Cream Man [740 KB]
Directed by: Kyle Magocs
Released: December 2004
Preview The first addition to the 3dmm Winter Film Festival 2004. A heart warming musical short, about a man who breaks up with his girlfriend and tries to solve the problems in his life. He takes up some interesting jobs and journeys, including working in Santa's Grotto and climbing up a mountain to put up the Doraemon flag. The movie rounds off nicely, giving the guy the Christmas he deserves. The scenery was nicely done and the animation was pretty average. A great start to the Winter Film Festival.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Peak [933 KB]