Psychopath, The
Directed by: Mathew Bown
Released: February 1998
Preview I opened up my 3dmm and started playing the movie. Immediately after the first scene it became clear what I had here. A movie with default scenes, horrible voice acting and a story that's even worse then Friday The 13th part 6 or 7. Anyway to review this properly I'll explain something about the very, very, VERY thin plot! Some guy comes visiting some friends, they make fun of him somehow and GUESS WHAT?? He decides to kill them! Yes now this could've been a good P.A.M. but unfortunately the directors vision doesn't go so far. The only bright spot I found was that there were some splatter effects that looked ok but still this remains a horrible pile of crap that isn't interesting in any way.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
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