Directed by: Matt Allen
Released: May 2005
Preview Either the director of this movie has some serious emotional issues or is just a fantastic animator of capturing a serious depressive theme. Whichever it doesn't matter, the point is, this movie is very sad, and quite twisted in a way. It was generally very harrowing and is based on a suicidal theme which can be either very cheap or very touching. Although the scenery and general look of the film is at best average, the music fits in perfectly and is a good choice for a quick and tearful film. Review by Richard Bevis.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
Alone [1.13 MB]
Assassin, The
Directed by: Matt Allen
Released: April 2005
Preview A very newbie-ish movie here, full of stolen music, bad scenery and animation, a thin plot, and overall retardation. There wasn't a single original idea in this movie, and the execution was very poor. Don't download this movie. Review by Tom Bown.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Assassin, The [1.05 MB]