Godzilla 98: Platinum Edition
Directed by: Gorosaurus, Matt Burkett
Released: April 2002
Preview Goro has always been one of my fav hand-made character designers, or as I found out today, CARTOON hand-made character designers. Don't get me wrong, this was a pretty good movie, and the hand-made models were quite well done, but they were cartoony, and hence just didn't suit the supposed 'serious' atmosphere. I think Goro realized this as well, and added small comedic bits to lighten it up. This is another one of those movies that starts off really great, with you going "Sweetsweetsweet, this is gonna be good!!" but then gets disappointing. But the battle between Godzilla and Whatsisname at the end made it worthwhile enough. Indoor scenery consisted mostly of the old lay-down-polygons-on-top-of-existing-stock-scenes trick, so that was kinda corny... Outdoor scenes (city) were, of course, hand made and simple. But simple is a practical must when using so much camera movement. Ditto with the animation of the handmade characters - those are a LOT of polygons to animate, and you cant really expect flawlessly smooth camera movement with so many. Music was okayish, but the SOUND... oh god the sound was pretty pitiful. If they weren't using stock sounds, they were using waaay too many well known ones. But fortunately that didn't detract too much. Plus, you have to recognize all the work that went into it. Quite download worthy.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Godzilla 98: Platinum Edition [4.49 MB]