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Directed by: Michael Belfance
Released: March 2000
Preview Well this was thoroughly retarded. Maybe this would get good reviews what, in 1996 Yes... handmade characters and scenes... doesn't mean that much anymore. And hello, Half-Life sound stealing? Oh my god I'm gay. Just like this movie. Don't download it, watch something way better. Like Bongo's Adventures.
Overall rating: 2/10 Download
Goomba [1.53 MB]
Goomba 2
Directed by: Michael Belfance
Released: June 2000
Preview Surprisingly, better than the first. But still retarded, sorry. I actually chuckled at the end though, so nice try. Umm... yeah... if you were stupid enough to download the first Goomba movie, then go ahead and get this too. It's not as bad. But that doesn't mean you can make more!! DO YOU HEAR ME MR.SUCKYGOOMBADIRECTOR?
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Goomba 2 [1.35 MB]
Videogame NIghtmare
Directed by: Michael Belfance
Released: January 2003
Preview Classic movie. It's about Mike (the director) and his friend getting sucked into a videogame world and then having to fight their way through their favorite games. Simple enough, works well and was a hit back when it was released. Download.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Videogame NIghtmare [2.64 MB]
Videogame NIghtmare 2
Directed by: Michael Belfance
Released: November 2003
Preview Fantastic - I like how these movies are done. Each scene is based on a different console game and real sampled sounds and music are used from each game to accompany the on-screen action. Once again Justin and Mike get sucked into the videogame world where they have to battle their way through various famous game scenarios, meeting a host of household characters along their way. The directors have done a fantastic job capturing the unique feeling for each game - I own most of the games included and I could instantly recognise which scenes were supposed to be resembling what. The animation is a little iffy in places but on the whole good. The movie was a little too slow for my liking and could have been cut down in places to keep the viewers interest going. Overall, this is a well put-together movie that is defiantly worth a watch, even more so if you've seen the original. Review by Will Cheyney.

Stolen sounds from just about every movie Justin and Mike are fans of? Check. Average scenery and animation? Check. Numerous references to, among other things, the WTDA series and Toad from the Mario series being a Nazi? Check.?Home to some of the funniest scenes in 3dmm history, hilarious characters, and some excellent spoofs? Check.?The 2003 sequel to the old 1998 classic, VGN2 involves the directors, Mike and Justin, once again being sucked into the videogame world, to face the Videogame Master. It may sound a little silly... and hell, it is... but the humour, while immature, is still damn good. The Team Rocket scene is perhaps one of the funniest things I've ever heard ("Six? That's a pretty GAY number!"), while Justin ALWAYS dying never seems to get old.?What's weird is that while the movie steals sounds and ideas from multiple films and TV shows (The Matrix, Simpsons, Austin Powers and Evil Dead, to name a few.), it never seems like a rip-off. Indeed, most of the time they add their own twist to it. Where else would you see the Matrix lobby scene with the advert music for Mentos in the background??As is to be expected of Mike and Justin, they never stop making fun of themselves, or of the movie. Justin gets shot, blown up, and mutilated multiple times, but still comes back for more, and there are plenty of jokes about the film, for instance the character changing with Mario and Yoshi.?Something slightly strange is that they could have made the movie more epic. Bigger fight scenes, a longer ending battle, but no. They chose to make it just as stupid as before, and I personally think it's a better for it. Justin and Mike aren't the kind of directors who could make a movie that wasn't incredibly silly, and I don't want them to be.?I haven't seen this movie talked about in a while, and it's a damn shame that such a funny, silly, spectacular movie should be ignored. If you haven't seen this, watch it. That's all there is to it. Review by Tom Bown.

Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Videogame NIghtmare 2 [11.47 MB]