1000 Hearts
Directed by: Mickazee
Released: August 1998
Preview It's hard to review a really old movie, because you can either review it to today's standards, or the standards of the time it was made. I'm going to choose the latter. The MIDI's were common, however they're were no voices to drown out so that wasn't a problem. The animation in places even shocked me, like when the car transforms, I thought that was pretty cool. The film kept my attention, but that's probably only because it is a piece of vintage 3dmming. Download to see what it used to be like, and how fun it used to be.
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
1000 Hearts [516 KB]
Honochio 1
Directed by: Mickazee
Released: March 1998
Preview The first episode of the classic 3dmm series by Mickazee, which unfortunately has not stood the test of time very well. The hand made character design is ok, but the scenery and sounds are horribly out of date. Add that to the fact that the off-beat humor is often hard to grasp, and you have yourself a movie that may have been considered good back in 1998, but nowadays, it just can't stand up to the big boys. Back in it's day, Mickazee was pioneering animation innovation in 3dmm with such a movie, so in that respect this review is a little unfair. Something you may want to keep in mind.
Overall rating: 3/10 Download
Honochio 1 [387 KB]
Honochio 2
Directed by: Mickazee
Released: June 1998
Preview Then adventures of our character continue. Slightly better than the original, an attempt has been made at some sort of plot this time around, as opposed to random skits. Well, technically that's the case, you can't really tell. Scenery was slightly better; music ok, (except for 'Song 2'), and there was some nice animation in places. Still doesn't really stand the test of time, but it is bearable.
Overall rating: 4/10 Download
Honochio 2 [851 KB]
Honochio 3
Directed by: Mickazee
Released: December 1999
Preview This movie was AWESOME. Mickazee redeems himself from the last two efforts to make a true 3dmm classic. The plot involves Big-nose trying to take over the world using a brain controlling device. The scenery still sucks, but the animation was good. The voices were funny too, featuring Mickazee himself and a younger Dean Francis. It's a very entertaining movie, with a much more interesting story, improved animation and better use of sound (both FX and voicing). A classic and another definite download.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Honochio 3 [5.60 MB]
South Park
Directed by: Mickazee
Released: December 1998
Preview I think all somebody did was remake an episode of south park in 3dmm, and it
Overall rating: 6/10 Download
South Park [2.89 MB]