Ange Gardien
Directed by: Mike Johnston
Released: December 2003
Preview I've never seen anything by Mike Johnston before, and this was a very pleasant surprise. A nice little short about guardian angels, with lovely fitting music, and clean, fresh animation and scenes. Good job, I enjoyed it very much. However, the only drawback of the movie was because of the 'fading' scenes, and i felt they took your attention away from the movie alot. Great stuff, Mike.
Overall rating: 8/10 Download
Ange Gardien [955 KB]
Just Like You Imagined
Directed by: Mike Johnston
Released: December 2002
Preview This movie is a little different from the others. It isn't really a movie at all, it's a collection of old and never before seen work by the director neatly arranged into this 'DVD' style showcase. Some of the most recent stuff is quite cool - very short mind. It even includes his first ever 3D movie! Hehe. Quite interesting.
Overall rating: 7/10 Download
Just Like You Imagined [1.56 MB]