Directed by: Mike Kash
Released: August 2001
Preview To my knowledge, this is Mike Kash's first and only movie, at least that he's submitted. It's one of those 'flashback' movies, where you see the ending first, and the movie proceeds to tell the events leading up to it. A bit cliche, yes, but it works nonetheless. I applaud some of his unique effects ideas, such as the sunrise, which, mind you, didn't look the greatest, but is probably as close as you'll come in 3dmm. He seemed to have paid attention to detail on some parts of the scenery, but then completely neglected others. For instance a room might be very plain and boring, with only a few props. Yet those few props, he'd put great detail into. He just needs to find the balance between quantity and quality. The few times that he used a moving camera, he did so quite smoothly, and most of the camera angles had some thought put into them. I really must complain about the voice acting though... I mean its okay to do one or two voices yourself, but it gets annoying to have all the characters with pretty much the exact same voice. Music wise, the only song that really suited the atmosphere was the last one. He kind of ruined the feeling with the lets-kill-random-people-to-rap-music thing, but meh. Only other good point is his titles and credits. No I'm not mocking him... well okay maybe a little bit, but he did do a good job with the 3d words and such. So yes, this movie started out pretty good, then got lax. Then recovered, then got lax again, etc. So if you're looking for a little bit of drama, you may want to check this out, but it's by no means a substitute for movies like a Second Chance. But drama IS hard to do in 3dmm, so kudos goes out to the director for making an okay attempt.
Overall rating: 5/10 Download
Disturbed [2.85 MB]